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Florida Voter Suppression Makes a Dangerous Comeback

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There are dark clouds on the horizon of the battleground state of Florida. New laws and tales of voter suppression efforts already have many voters nervous and confused. Florida, which was recently named "the most hostile state in the nation to new voters" by three national voting-rights groups, has significantly tightened voter identification laws and made it easier for voter's rights to be challenged.

Two news laws passed by the Republican controlled legislature have many Democrats already crying foul. The first is the so-called "No match, no vote" law, which requires a match between a voter's driver's license or Social Security number and a government database- records which many say are full of errors. A second law allows citizens to challenge the legitimacy of fellow voters without proving their accusations. Instead, the challenged voter has two days to "justify his right to cast a ballot."

Add this to a concerted effort to confuse many voters about their registration, as well as spread dangerous misinformation about the new laws, and there is a disaster brewing in Florida.

Much more, including a mailer sent out by McCain to democratic voters, after the jump...

There have been many confusing emails circulating about the new "No Match, No Vote" law, many claiming that if the voter's address does not match the database, then they cannot vote. That, combined with reports that Republicans where getting foreclosure records in some states to challenge the validity of voter addresses, had many voters in a panic. The rumors became so pervasive that the Florida Secretary of State issued a media advisory to clarify exactly what the new law means:

I.D. Required and Checked at the Polls is Used Solely to Confirm the Voter's Identity, Not to Verify the Voter's ID Number or Address. "The photograph on the ID is compared to the person standing before the poll worker and the signature on the ID is compared to the signature on record." [FL Department of State]

The voter confusion campaign seemed to be taken to the next level when many registered democrats began receiving "Party Affiliation Voter Registration Cards" from the Republican National Committee and the McCain Campaign saying they were registered as republicans.

A copy of the mailing obtained by National Public Radio shows that it includes an "official-looking card, listing the recipient's name, address, congressional district, party affiliation and something called a voter ID number. In an attached letter, McCain asks recipients to update the enclosed card -- and to contribute to his campaign." You can view the complete mailings here.

A spokesperson for the RNC and the McCain Campaign said it was a "routine fundraiser" and that it was intended for Republicans. They also said the uproar over the mailing is "part of a national Democratic strategy to undermine confidence in Republicans." Yet the mailing created such concern that the Republican supervisor of elections in Duval County, Jerry Holland, released a statement last week assuring residents that only a voter can change his or her own registration:

Whoever designed the piece obviously created something, knowingly or unknowingly, confusing to some voters, because obviously they were concerned that maybe someone had changed their party.

Once again the Republican Party is trying to steal the vote from Floridians. Confusing laws and misinformation campaigns- many with "McCain Campaign" proudly stamped on them- are once again seeking to disenfranchise voters and deliver the state into Republican hands by deceit and trickery.

These tactics could have an even greater effect on the LGBT community by helping suppress the democratic voter turnout which could lead to the passage of Florida's Amendment 2, the dangerous (and Florida Republican Party funded) "Marriage Protection" Amendment.

I encourage everyone to go online, check your registration, and request an absentee ballot. Make sure your voice is heard. What happens in Florida has consequences for the entire nation- it could decide who will be our next President. We cannot allow another election to be stolen.

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True that. Voter disenfranchisement will be the longest lasting legacy of the Republican Party. And they politicized the government enough to be able to keep on doing it.

Michael Crawford Michael Crawford | September 23, 2008 9:05 PM

This is a fantastic post Waymon!

It is shameful the lengths the GOP will go to win elections even if it means disenfranchising voters and undercutting democracy.

What can we do to stop the republicans?

Coincidentally, earlier today I sent in my application (via email) for an absentee ballot because C and i will be in Buenos Aires on election day. I certainly hope Broward County sends it to me in time before our flight on Oct 24th. What was interesting was to learn about the "early voting" days, hours and locations. You might want to do a post about that.

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | September 24, 2008 12:15 AM

As you may have noticed on Bilerico Florida posting Fr. Tony. I sent my request for an absentee ballot and got a new voters registration card instead. I am waiting on pins and needles to receive my absentee Florida ballot for over a month now.

I mean, I could go to Bangkok and arrange to vote as an expat even though we own a house in Florida etc. but I would find that a pretty toothless expression of my franchise as it is only about the electoral college anyway. The popular vote means nothing and that is what they are counting on. Thanks Waymon!

Dangerous comeback? They never left.

Voter suppression tactics and the GOP are synonymous and only accelerated in urgency after the 1998 'Angry Black Vote' during the Clinton Impeachment run up cost the GOP some congressional and Senate seats.

It has been a priority since the 80's to suppress African-American voters, and I'm a living witness to how far the Rethuglicans will go to do it.

Once again the Republican Party is trying to steal the vote from Floridians.

Do they ever stop anymore?

Reading this piece makes me want to saw off Florida from the rest of the USA like Bugs Bunny did in one of his cartoons. Of course, in reality, all I can do is be wary & vigilant, and vote absentee like I have for the last few years prior.