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Florida's Amendment 2 "Too Close to Call"

Filed By Waymon Hudson | September 04, 2008 5:00 PM | comments

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A Mason-Dixon poll taken for The Orlando Sentinel shows that 57 percent of voters support Amendment 2, the dangerous "Marriage Protection" amendment, while 36 percent said they intend to vote against it. Florida's constitution requires a 60 percent majority to pass an amendment.

It is too close to say the amendment is likely to be defeated (the 60 percent is in the polls 4 percent margin of error), but most political analysts say usually such voter initiatives start out with a large percentage which becomes whittled down as opponents make voters aware of the issues and consequences. This means the deceptive amendment could be in trouble as various groups continue to educate the public about the huge impacts of the vaguely worded amendment, which could continue to chip away at the current 57 percent.

Groups like the "Say No 2" campaign are kicking their efforts into high gear with television ads, town hall meetings, and other outreach programs to talk about how the amendment will strip away existing rights of all unmarried Floridians. If passed, the amendment would bar civil unions and would be used to deny partner benefits not only to same-sex couples but also to unmarried couples who live together, like the numerous seniors in the state.

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