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Foreman got hitched

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Announcement's in the NY Times:

Francisco Adex De León and James Matthew Foreman were married Saturday evening at the Alfred E. Clarke Mansion in San Francisco. Shannon P. Minter, who was authorized for the day by the City and County of San Francisco, officiated.


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Congrats to the couple; Matt, you are missed back east...

I want pictures!!

I was talking to Matt about the work we do and how there are sometimes moments that are so crystal clear in illustrating the "why". One such moment, for me, happened at a recent Creating Change. It was the first event Frank was able to attend and Matt introduced Frank during his speech and then came down off the stage to meet Frank in the aisle and share a kiss.

Thanks to the work of Matt and all of us doing this work, Matt and Frank were able to formalize in a way that was important to them what has been a reality of their lives together for years and years.

Congratulations to Matt and Frank!

Michael Crawford Michael Crawford | September 1, 2008 4:16 PM

Congratulations Matt and Frank!

Gee, you think you know a guy, and then you find out his first name is James! Congratulations, Matt. Your move to CA was fortuitous.

Congratulations! I want to see pictures too!

Matthew! Congratulation! I know you are very happy. Wow! Please keep in touch, and may you and Francisco have a long happy life together! No plans for another reunion, UNLESS you want to do the honors! Take care, LOVE YA