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I want to throw up

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Politics brings out the best in human nature, doesn't it? I have news for the Hon. James David Manning, PhD who's website proclaims "All Jesus All The Time." Neither Jesus nor any truly honorable man would act like you do on this video, James.

A sampling of James' hateful diatribe:
"My momma told me... the only kind of white woman who takes up with a black man... is a trashy white woman."
"Obama's mama was a dirty bag of trash. She got knocked up by a black man when she wasn't married."

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Does anyone else think that this is a troubling example of internalized racism? I'd be really interested in hearing what others think about that.

As for his puritanical, anti-sex attitude - that just makes me sad. Wow. When I see these things, I really worry that there are people out there in the world who listen to hate speech, and don't think "this man is a little crazy and unhinged," but think, "yes, this man speaks the truth."