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I'm John McCain and I Approved This Anti-Gay Message

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Despite the spin being put on John McCain's anti-gay record by Log Cabin Republicans, there is ample evidence that McCain is no "maverick" on LGBT equality. As an example check out this ad from 2006 promoting an anti-gay constitutional amendment in in Arizona:

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Recognize the "wrinkly white-haired dude?" Yeah, that's John McCain, the same man about whom Log Cabin Republicans says:

...is an inclusive Republican who is focusing the GOP on unifying core principles that appeal to independent voters.

Apparently that "unifying core principle" is using LGBT people and our families as political wedge issues to appeal to right-wing voters.

McCain is on record as supporting the proposed anti-gay constitutional amendments in Arizona and Florida as well as the amendment that would strip marriage rights away from same-sex couples living in California.

Chris Crain, the blogger and former editor of the Washington Blade who has a more favorable things to say about LCR than some bloggers, eviscerated LCR in a post titled Log Cabin's Big McCain Mistake.

It's as if our gay Republican friends forgot the basic politics of the carrot and the stick. Now that McCain and Palin are happily chomping away on the endorsement carrot that Log Cabin could have kept dangling in front of them, all they're left with is the stick. With apologies to my friends among their number, including my beloved co-blogger Kevin, gay Republicans aren't exactly known for carrying a big stick.

With the Log Cabin endorsement in hand, the pressure is off Palin to commit either publicly or privately to what some accounts suggest is her "openness to anti-discrimination legislation." If McCain is elected, inside support from Palin might be the best shot at avoiding a veto of workplace protection, since the "inclusive" senator from Arizona has voted against such legislation multiple times.

McCain has opposed every piece of pro-LGBT legislation that has come his way.

There is nothing "maverick" about that. It is just a lot of "straight talk" that leaves LGBT Americans out in the cold.

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Chris Crain's argument makes little sense. It assumes that LCR had some sort of power in the Republican Party beforehand. They didn't. They have limited access to McCain, and he used it to get their endorsement.

It doesn't really change the game, though, other than give McCain some maverick cred. LCR doesn't have enough members, money, or resources to give that endorsement much punch. It's just a story for the traditional media to pick up on and add to their narrative on McCain.

While Chris and I have bickered in the past, I actually enjoyed his piece on LCR. I thought he made some really good points. I was going to include his post in a roundup yesterday.

One thing that I think helps Chris is that he's considered "right" of most of us even though he renounced the Republicans over Bush several years ago. Most of them still consider him "one of us." His stamp of disapproval will carry some weight.

John R. Selig | September 3, 2008 10:42 PM

Log Cabin Republicans make the collaborationists in Vichy France during the Nazi occupation in World War II almost look respectable. Shame on the LCR for endorsing people who hate us. In my mind they are more despicable than the hateful than John McCain and Sarah Palin.

Members of the LCR react defensively when they are called under the carpet for their behavior. From an early age my parents taught me to take responsibility for my actions.

I think it would be a great idea for LCRs to wear big scarlet "LCR" emblems on their clothing when appearing in the gay community. That way they can defend their betrayal of us.

After all, it is obvious that the LCRs hate themselves so why not let us enable their self-hatred!

Shame! Shame! Shame!

Thank you John for putting a voice to my feeling about the LCR's. Yes, I'm the one who advocates honey rather rather vinegar when trying to change opinion, but the LCR's never really seem to change their opinion. No matter how well laid out or how overwhelming the facts are, the LCR's see what they want rather than reality.
“On the most important issue that LGBT Americans faced in the last decade—the federal marriage amendment—Sen. John McCain stood with us. Now we stand with him,” said Log Cabin Republicans President Patrick Sammon. “Sen. McCain is an inclusive Republican who is focusing the GOP on unifying core principles that appeal to independent voters.” ~LCR.org
That's a direct copy and paste from the LCR website. And here's another from John McCain.com:
"The family represents the foundation of Western Civilization and civil society and John McCain believes the institution of marriage is a union between one man and one woman. It is only this definition that sufficiently recognizes the vital and unique role played by mothers and fathers in the raising of children, and the role of the family in shaping, stabilizing, and strengthening communities and our nation."~JMcCain.com
Where is the disconnect with these the LCR's? Who is the optometrist prescribing these all inclusive rose colored glasses that preclude reality from the vision of the LCR's?
Frankly, after years of this convoluted, closeted logic, I'm pretty much done discussing the LCR's. It's a waste of breathe and worse, its a waste of time.

HOT MESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There’s no doubt about it. The Logheads are retarded right wingers in a right centrist party that’s prowar, antiunion and does all it can to push the GLBT communities backward.

But what are the supporters of someone who won’t stop saying how much he and god oppose same sex marriage? And what are the fans of Obama who plans on staying in Iraq, ramping up the murder in Afghanistan and invading Pakistan?

How should we characterize the Democrats who codified military bigotry with DADT and voted overwhelmingly for it and DOMA and refuse to repeal them? What do we say about a party that gutted ENDA and threw the hate crimes bill overboard so no one would think they were LGBT-friendly? And what are we to think of Obama when he even forbids the barest mention of the GLBT communities in his platform.

He’s fully as right wing as McCain. The difference is he lies about it (although not very well, people are catching on) while McCain doesn’t bother any more.

On November 4th vote for the union led and financed US Labor Party (if it makes it past the Democrat's (sic) roadblocks). If not vote for socialist or communist candidates as a protest or join the scores of millions who sit it out because they’re smart enough to refuse to vote for the lesser bigot, the lesser warmonger or the lesser evil.

"Keating Five" McCain's record has been overwhelmingly heterosexist.

In Sarah Palin, he has chosen a viciously bigoted fundamentalist to be a weak heartbeat away from the Presidency.

Log Cabin started in the early 80s in California. Today, with the singular exception of Arnold, the GOP in that state is more rabidly heterosexist than when Log Cabin started. That pattern has held up nationwide. As a matter of strategy to make the GOP less hateful and dangerous, Log Cabin has failed.

Of course, if Log Cabin actually spent a significant amount of time trying to change the GOP, one might suppose that things would be different. However, the vast majority of Log Cabin's efforts are to rationalize the actions of vicious bigots in that party and to raise money for them.

It's time for you to get off your dead ass and stick it him. Don't continue to be a goodie two shoes. It looks like you are trying to give the election away. Wake up. Listen to your voters. What is your problem? Go down fighting. IT MIGHT
BE TO LATE. Act like you have some guts,