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Joe Biden on Fire

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After a week of the kind of cynicism, vitriol and we saw at the Republican Convention, this clip from Democratic Vice-Presidential candidate Joe Biden must be seen to be believed.

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Unlike the Republican Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin, Sen. Biden did not spend his time disparaging community organizers who have committed their lives to empowering those of us who cannot afford to hire the same lawyers as disgraced GOP lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

Sen. Biden did not spend his time telling lie after lie after lie about his political positions or seek to ratchet up the culture war that has divided Black and white, LGBT and non-LGBT, Christian evangelical and everyone else.

Sen. Biden did not claim that reporters and online journalists asking questions about his family were out of bounds or being "sexist" even as he paraded around his pregnant, unwed teen daughter and her "f-cking redneck" baby daddy on national television. And unlike Sarah Palin, Sen. Biden isn't in hiding from the media while been programmed with right-wing talking points and Rovian spin.

No. Sen. Biden and Sen. Barack Obama are speaking with clarity and passion about the issues that are effecting the daily lives of working Americans including the economy, healthcare, the disastrous war in Iraq and the environment.

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In this video, Joe Biden says
"I wasn't around when Harry Truman was around."

Well Joe I'm here to tell you that you were in fact around when Truman was around. You're 65 years old. Do the math. Truman was president in 1945-53. Died in 1972. Biden was born in 1942.

I'm voting for Obama/Biden, but I sure hate this type of speech. It's just getting down into the same gutter with the Republicans and slinging the same mud. Stick to the issues. Don't just talk about sticking to the issues. We voters are not as dumb as you think we are. We see through all of this.

Tony, when senators talk about being around, they mean in Washington, DC; not alive. Truman had left office twenty years prior to Biden's arrival. If they never worked together, it doesn't really matter if they existed in the same time-space continuum.

He's not getting in the mud. He's calling them out for jumping into the mud. He's saying that the Republicans refused to offer any solutions for the country's problems, and instead, that they decided to try to tear the Democrats down.

And this speech is Biden calling bullshit.

I don't think taking the high road worked out too well for Dukakis, Gore, and Kerry.

Michael Crawford Michael Crawford | September 8, 2008 12:55 PM

Father Tony,

I have to disagree with you. Biden is not getting in the gutter like the Republicans.

I am also not so sure that voters are seeing through the spin and division being thrown up by the Republicans. Liberals constantly make the mistake in thinking that people vote based on reason and issues. Not true. A lot of folks vote based on emotion and rhetoric and when it comes down to it the GOP has played that game better than the Democrats.

There are too many instances were Democrats were left saying that at least we ran high-minded campaigns all the while watching Republicans being inaugurated. The stakes are far too high this election cycle not to play both smart and aggressive.

Angela Brightfeather | September 8, 2008 2:08 PM

Michael, you are totally right on all counts.
Joe Biden is supposed to the the "attack dog" and he is exceptional about the way he does it. He is gong for the juglular and that is exactly what is needed right now. He is asking the American public to relect and select on the issues and not on the issues that seem invisible to the Republicans.

I just can't wiat until he can get to Palin in a debate. My bet is that he is going to wipe the floor with her and make her look exactly like what she is.

It's early and I'm not coming up with which politician it was that was told, "You'll have the vote of every thinking man in America" and replied, "Yes, but I need a majority."

To change the way politics is done Obama and Biden are going to have to get ELECTED first.

Bottom line is that they will have to mud wrestle with McCain/Palin. They have to call them out.

Until the voters start punishing people who run negative campaigns, we'll continue to see them. And the GOP are masters at running negative campaigns.

Biden belongs in the gutter, because he's a liar.

Joe Biden likes to tell a little fib: he tells people he represents the state of Delaware. Hogwash. He’s was elected by the Banker’s Party to be the Senator from Credit Cards.

He led the fight to end bankruptcy protections for working people and consumers to please the banks. He and his son profited handsomely for pimping for B of A and MNBA. Just as many Democrats did when they voted with Obama to help ATT avoid billion dollar settlements for illegal phone taps. He’s not the first Democrat or Republican to pay their dues in the world’s second oldest profession, but he is one of the slimiest. He even went so far as to quash an amendment to the BoA bankruptcy bill that would have given the families of GI’s trapped in Iraq a break. That’s real slime.

Which is not to say that Barney Frank came up smelling like roses for gutting ENDA to please manager/employer bigots who make big bucks discriminating and paying us less than others. Or that Obama’s opposition to guaranteed health care for all to make HMOs richer is any prettier.

Biden was an early and strong supporter of Clinton’s embargo that killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children and Bush’s even more murderous invasion and occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq. In defense of Bush’s invasion Biden repeated the same lies Clinton had used 4 years earlier.

I do not believe this is a rush to war. I believe it is a march to peace and security. I believe that failure to overwhelmingly support this resolution is likely to enhance the prospects that war will occur. ... [Saddam Hussein] possesses chemical and biological weapons and is seeking nuclear weapons. ... For four years now, he has prevented United Nations inspectors from uncovering those weapons...

If the Democrats wake up losers on November 4th, it’ll be because they stupidly believe that we don’t remember little things like the fact that while the Democrats controlled Congress for the last two years they continued to stick it to unions, workers and consumers with support for NAFTA, bailouts and tax breaks for the rich and more does of ‘benign neglect’ for the rest of us. They aren’t fixing the infrastructure or providing health care or education – all that money goes to Bush’s war. They’ve taken no steps to ease the double dose of exploitation and racism effecting immigrants, Native Americans and African Americans.

We haven’t forgotten what they did and that why on November 4th huge numbers of people, as they always do, will ‘forget’ to vote for the party of Mondale, Dukakis, Gore and Kerry, Obama and Biden.

Then the Democrats will do what they always do when the American people tell them to shove it. They’ll blame it all on Nader, the heretic, the arch villain, the antiObama, and the spawn of whatever.

Right, Mr Bill Perdue. Go ahead and jam for a Republican party that has involved us in 2 simultaneous wars for the last 8 years. That has stressed our military capability beyond the breaking point and which has fostered the highest level of military suicide in the last decade. And one which has systematically gutted veteran's health care for returning vets over the same period. Go ahead and support a Republican party that has all but destroyed the American economy and shipped jobs overseas. Right, talk up this great Republican party which has driven our nation from a financial suplus to a debt so great that our grandchildren will be paying off the debt well into their lifetimes and yet which wants to lower taxable income for the rich to pay for it. Go ahead and suck up to a Republican party that wants to fence our borders to keep out people who simply want to participate in a system that is supposed to be based on an equality of opportunity and not just on fear or racial discrimination. And don't forget to praise a Republican political machine which continues to throw gay military personnel with mission critical skills under the bus to parade it's ingrained homophobic position on gays in the military and on gender non-conforming people in general. You just keep on believing the lies, deception, malicious half truths, and wilful deceit of a Republican noise machine that has prompted the gutting of whole sections of the Constitution in the name of National Security and fostered the continued destruction of law and freedom in this country. Does anyone in the Republican party remember the phrase "Habeus Corpus" anymore? Keep talking up a Republican ideology which has reduced the standard of living for every American except the rich in this great land of ours and which attempts to replace demonstrable science in the classroom with Creationism As Non-demonstrable Science. I'm sure, when you truly think about it, you will be able to see exactly what your post implies for this country's future place in the world of nations. Knocking down the good guys only elevates the bad guys by comparison. If extreme right wing Republicans have their way this nation will be, for the foreseeable future, a third world country with them as overlords. And you, like the rest of us will be part of it's serfdom. Talk that up, Bill.

Critical thought is like sin. Once you start doing it it's really hard to stop. Can't really accuse the right wing of that sin though.

purplepanda, your party line propaganda that the Republicans alone are responsible for war, a crumbling economy, and bigotry is just the same tired partisan BS we’ve come to expect from Democrats who share full responsibility with the Republicans for a same corrupt system whose only goal is the protection and accumulation of wealth.

Your notion that the Republicans created this mess all by themselves has absolutely no basis in the real world. Come in out of the purple rain, purplepanda, you’re getting all wet.

Biden and Obama take right wing positions on healthcare, the war, civil liberties, economic reform, pandering to bigots or any other question you care to raise. Is that why you like them so much? Because they’re Republicans in drag? Your

It's simply partisan conceit for Democrats pretend that their party is in any war ‘leftwing’, ‘progressive’ or an substitute for the Republicans. You’re two peas in a pod. Working people, the GLBT communities and the antiwar movement will have to do much, much, much better than you rightwing Democrats if we expect to get economic justice, peace and an end to bigotry. Or are you a rightwing Republican? It’s not that we’re confused; it’s just that it’s always been so hard to tell the difference.

There is a third alternative and it involves building independent mass movements to take power away from right wingers like you and the other Democrats and Republicans. Those movements have the capacity to end the war, provide for economic justice and slam the bigots back into the gutters they came from. You Democrats don’t because you’re part of the system that for decades has fed on poverty, bigotry and war. And here’s a little tip for you, purplepanda: there’s not a damn thing you or your Republican friends can do to stop us.

On November 4th vote for the union led and financed US Labor Party (if it makes it past the Democrat's (sic) roadblocks). If not vote for pro-GLBT socialist or communist candidates as a protest or join the scores of millions who sit it out because they’re smart enough to refuse to vote for the lesser bigot, the lesser warmonger or the lesser evil.