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Last night's Republican convention headliners

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Just in case you missed every thrilling moment of last night's Republican National Convention, our partners at MSNBC bring you video of all the major speakers.

While Joe Lieberman was the last to speak, I thought I'd put him up first. (The rest will be in order of their speeches.) After all, if this asshole is willing to betray his own party, we should prominently display his stupidity, right?

But hey, he sunk Al Gore's campaign. Maybe he'll do the same for McCain...

First up, we had Laura Bush giving conventioneers some "straight talk." Now if she'd only do that to her husband!

George W. Bush spoke next via satellite. After all, the GOP sure as hell didn't want him setting foot inside the arena. They found a convenient excuse in Hurricane Gustav which was terribly ironic since it was BushCo that screwed up the response to Hurricane Katrina. Can anyone say, "Please don't remind the average voter how incompetent we can be?"

When Fred Thompson took the podium, I have to admit thinking, "If this dumbass had been this engaging and animated, he might have won the nomination." Apparently someone took him out of cryogenics in time for the convention; after all his campaign looked like Fry's work ethic from Futurama...

My favorite part was watching Chris Matthew's panel wonder what Palin's pick as VP says of McCain's judgment. Is there more than a small handful of people willing to defend McCain's non-vetting? Doesn't seem so.

So what's your take on the RNC so far? Other than the controversial pick of Sarah Palin as VP, has anything else caught your attention?

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"What's a Democrat like me doing at a Republican convention like this?"

Did he forget that he wasn't a Democrat?

But I can't watch any more of that crap.

That's funny. I shouted "You're NOT anymore" at the TV when he said that last night.

I think it would have been great for McCain to pick him as VP and then he could get whupped twice in a presidential race.

didn't you hear Bill Bennett say, about palin's lack of a passport till last year-

"Thomas Jefferson spent too much time out of the country as president..."

is that man smoking crack?

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | September 3, 2008 10:52 AM

He does look a little crack sweaty and frazzled doesn't he?

The major contrast in the diversity of the DNC versus the RNC.

No contest.

This whole Republican convention gives me gas.

First they trot out the spin doctors just in case a hurricane should sully their reputations. We couldn't have that happen to the party that cares so much for "the people", now could we?

Then there's Laura... I wasn't sure it was legal to prescribe Xanax is such high dosages. Such is the only explanation for that smile and those vacant eyes.

Bush pretty much had to be piped in via satellite in case he said something entirely stupid (The probability is high)so they could skip the moment entirely. Come on -- you know there must have been a ten second delay on that signal.

Fred Thompson saying Palin was a breathe of fresh air was really putting too much spin on the fact that the women has so little practical experience that they had to focus on her fresh new look at government. And it isn't fresh at all. It's the same old party line, perhaps even more conservative in many ways, wrapped up in a pretty little ex-beauty queen. And frankly, if you're going to say that someone is a breathe of fresh air then you'd better make sure that you don't look like they just exhumed you from the grave and that your own breathe is akin to cobwebs and dust.

I listened to a few moments of Palin's uninspired address before I needed an antacid. She was boring and the sweetness factor made me want insulin.

As for Lieberman, he is still as uninspiring as he was all those many years ago when he managed to sabotage Al Gore's bid. The Republicans use him to show what a different party they are now. "See how we can reach across party lines?" Lieberman's as big a dolt now as he was back in the day.