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While I really enjoy reading Hoosier Access for the perspective they bring to Indiana politics - even though I don't agree with 99% of what they write - sometimes something will stick in my craw.

One contributor, Scott Fluhr, seems to have a hardon for anything even remotely gay related. (Yes, the irony of a Republican having a secret gay fetish isn't lost on me. You know what they say...) Scott is the same blogger who felt the need to put up a post based on one of my Twits, but after getting called out for it on Blue Indiana, he quickly changed the post to add in "(sent by an observant reader; I don't use Twitter)" in case anyone might think, you know, that he followed a gay blogger. *gasp*

Now Scott is back to his old tricks - bashing Rep Baron Hill and gay folks. Let's take a look at the latest lunacy from queer-obsessed Scott (emphasis mine):

Looks like folks down this way are slowly waking up to the realization that their representation in Congress represents the values of San Francisco and not southern Indiana.

Irrational opposition to oil drilling, support for San Francisco liberal social values, votes for higher taxes, votes against troops fighting a war, and an endorsement for the most liberal candidate for President since George McGovern are not Hoosier values.

They're Baron's values, but they're not our values.

They're the values of Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, and of folks in places like Massachusetts and San Francisco, where Luddite lunacy is rampant and common sense is scarce.

So let's just break those few paragraphs down into what Scott was trying to say, shall we?

"Baron Hill supports faggots. Hell, he's probably one himself."

And "Luddite lunacy" is rampant in Massachusetts and San Fransisco? Perhaps someone should give Scott a reality check by pointing out that those two are part of the top areas in the country for technological advances and job creation. They're so far ahead of Indiana in that regard that it just isn't funny. Maybe it's their values.

Or maybe they just know what Luddite means. To help Scott out, here's the American Heritage Dictionary definition:

  1. Any of a group of British workers who between 1811 and 1816 rioted and destroyed laborsaving textile machinery in the belief that such machinery would diminish employment.
  2. One who opposes technical or technological change.

So what it amounts to is this: Scott Fluhr is projecting. He's afraid of change. Queers scare him and his "values" so it must scare everyone else too.

Either that or he isn't comfortable with his own sexuality.

Your choice.

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