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LGBT Groups Step Up Campaign Efforts

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As LGBT organizations kick their electoral efforts into high gear, a number of groups are sponsoring training sessions to recruit and strengthen the skills of volunteers. The efforts are a great chance for you to learn how to get engage with campaigns in your local community, meet new and make a difference in the fight for LGBT equality.

Info on some upcoming trainings is after the jump:

NJ/NY - September 13

Organizations in New Jersey, including Garden State Equality, are holding a day of campaign training for volunteers for Barack Obama and Democratic Congressional candidates on Saturday, September 13 from 9am-1pm. The training will take place at Montclair State University, University Hall, 7th floor, One Normal Avenue, Montclair, New Jersey, a close-in suburb of Manhattan. You can take an NJ Transit train from Penn Station in Manhattan directly to the campus and back.

The training is free and breakfast will be provided. Please arrive Saturday at 8:30 am to register.

The speakers will include New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine, U.S. Senator Frank Lautenberg, U.S. House candidates Dennis Shulman and Linda Stender, Newark Mayor Cory Booker and several others.

The training is coordinated by BlueWaveNJ PAC. The program will include training on:

Cleveland, OH - September 20-21 and

Long Island (Huntington), New York - September 20 - 21

Camp Equality Logo.jpgThe Human Rights Campaign presents Camp Equality™, an intensive, 2-day interactive training program that combines lectures, discussions, and real-life simulations. Camp Equality™ teaches both advanced and fundamental skills to help strengthen the impact our community has on the 2008 elections.

Click here to register for a Camp Equality™ near you.

At the two-day training, you'll have the opportunity to choose one of two tracks:

Advanced Track: Working on a Campaign: This track is designed for you if you are one of our more experienced campaign volunteers. This track teaches participants the modern mechanics of organizing for political campaigns. During your sessions you will learn advanced techniques of targeting, organizing, media relations, volunteer coordination, Get Out the Vote, and the latest campaign technology.

Fundamentals Track: Working on a Campaign: This track is designed for you if you want to learn the step by step fundamentals necessary to be successful at the grassroots level. Topics will include: planning, volunteer recruitment, field, planning events, canvassing, earned media, and even writing a blog. You will learn the basic skills that are essential to putting your local issue or political campaign in the best position to win.

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Hmmm... how ironic. Mentioning "LGBT equality" and the HRC in the same posting.

Michael Crawford Michael Crawford | September 12, 2008 3:36 PM

Hmmm...how ironic. We are facing one of the most important elections in a generation, not only for LGBT issues, but for the nation as a whole and all riftgirgl can do is throw out a snarky comment about HRC.

That's doesn't do anybody any good and it does not to help turn out the LGBT vote.

If John McCain is elected, we are screwed at least for the next four years.

If Barack Obama is elected, we will have a president who has stated clearly his strong support for LGBT civil rights.

Bill Clinton promised us gay rights too.

We got "Don't ask, Don't tell." and his much bragged about DOMA. As the post on the LCR, noted, Mr. Clinton was given a "pass." Hillary Clinton, who essentially ran on a platform based on her husband's experience (and, incidentally, a Republican in college)was firmly against gay marriage.

HRC ignores the smaller efforts and focuses on their own accomplishments. I'm not convince they are not exploiting the gay community to enrich themselves.

I'm with you riftgirl. Mr. Obama has my vote because the alternative is worse, but equality? No, I don't think so.

Promises and actions are two different things.

Yeah, I was snarky. But hey, I'm totally pro-Obama. In addition, he's publicly stated his support of a trans-inclusive ENDA: "I know ENDA has been stalled in Congress for many years, and I will work to pass a fully inclusive version of it as President." Go Obama!

Great! Thanks for posting about these events, Michael!