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Log Cabin Republicans endorse McCain/Palin

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Well, they did it.

Log Cabin Republicans today announced its endorsement of Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) for President of the United States . Log Cabin's national board of directors voted 12-2 to endorse the Republican nominees for President and Vice President. Log Cabin announced the decision at its "Big Tent Event" during the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis .

"On the most important issue that LGBT Americans faced in the last decade--the federal marriage amendment--Sen. John McCain stood with us. Now we stand with him," said Log Cabin Republicans President Patrick Sammon. "Sen. McCain is an inclusive Republican who is focusing the GOP on unifying core principles that appeal to independent voters."

They have more. Lots more. After the jump.

"Sen. McCain showed courage by bucking his own party's leadership and the president--twice voting against the amendment. He gave an impassioned speech on the Senate floor, calling the amendment 'antithetical in every way to the core philosophy of Republicans.' He paid a political price for his vote," said Sammon.

"Log Cabin Republicans is a grassroots organization and our membership overwhelmingly supports endorsing Sen. McCain," said Log Cabin Board Chairman Pete Kingma. "Our board and staff members have spent recent months getting input and feedback from our members. The consensus among our members is strongly in favor of an endorsement because of his inclusive record. Our members also support him because he's a maverick; a trait most recently on display with his decision to select Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate."

"In recent years, too many Republican politicians have used divisive social issues in an effort to win elections. Sen. McCain is a different kind of Republican. He understands the GOP lost its majority in Congress in 2006 largely because the Party focused on divisive social issues. Sen. McCain knows the politics of fear and division will damage our Party and our nation so he's focusing the GOP on unifying core principles such as limited government, fiscal responsibility, and a strong national defense," said Sammon.

"We have honest disagreements with Sen. McCain on a number of gay rights issues. Log Cabin will continue our conversation with him and other Republican leaders about issues affecting gay and lesbian Americans. We will speak out when there's disagreement--either during the upcoming campaign or when John McCain is President," said Sammon.

Sen. McCain has had a long and friendly association with Log Cabin Republicans, dating back to the organization's opening of a national office in the mid-1990s. "Sen. McCain has always shown a willingness to reach out and engage in dialogue with Log Cabin, while considering all sides of an issue," said Sammon. "We know that will continue when he is President."

"Progress in the fight for LGBT equality requires support from both Republicans and Democrats," said Sammon. "Log Cabin's endorsement of Sen. McCain will ensure our community has a strong voice making the case for gay rights to John McCain when he is President."

According to the organization's bylaws, Log Cabin endorses only Republican candidates. Log Cabin Republicans endorsed then-Governor George W. Bush in 2000, but declined to endorse President Bush in 2004--largely over the president's push for a federal anti-gay marriage constitutional amendment and his decision to use gay people as a wedge issue in winning re-election.

"I expect Sen. McCain will receive strong support from gay and lesbian Americans," said Sammon. "LGBT people are not single-issue voters. Gay rights issues are a critical part of the equation, but so are many other issues impacting our daily lives--foreign policy, the economy, jobs, energy policy, health care reform, and taxes. Gay and lesbian Republicans believe Sen. John McCain is the most qualified person to lead our country."

I really don't know what's worse - the implication that anyone who cares about health care will vote for McCain, the idea that McCain isn't going to try (or hasn't already tried) use social issues to win, the fact that he opposed FMA outweighs everything that he's against....

They lost me well before "maverick." He opposes all LGBT equality and he picked a VP who does as well. The only thing he didn't do was go to the extreme of supporting the FMA, but he let that amendment enter the party platform.

The real reason for this endorsement's pretty obvious, though: John McCain gave the LCR's access. When it comes to political advocacy groups, that's the best thing he can give.

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As I often say, gay people are just like everyone else. So it's comforting to see that some gay people are fully capable of swallowing the Republican Cool-Aid. But they're living in a total fantasy world if they think they'll ever get the opportunity to make the case for gay rights to a man who has chosen a Christian fundamentalist for his running mate. Fortunately for us, McCain has been busy digging his own political grave. Let's hope that by endorsing McCain the Log Cabin Republicans are hastening his demise.

As Puck so wisely said: "Lord, what fools these mortals be!"

Does LCR really believe that any LGBT paying attention actually believes that crap?

McCain is anti-ENDA, anti-hate crimes protections, anti-marriage, pro-DOMA, and has now said that he would consider supporting a reintroduction of the FMA.

No wonder LCR and HRC always seem to be on the same side...the ignorance, hypocrisy, and complete and utter detachment from the real needs and issues of the modern LGBT community are all but identical in both orgs. Kinda makes you wonder of all those HRC Hillary supporters were for real or they really just hoped she'd just make an easier opponent for McSame, doesn't it?

McCain supports Prop. 8 in California. (While Republican A. Schwarzenegger is actually against it.) How on earth could any gay person endorse him?

A few minutes ago this was the #2 news story on Yahoo. I kind of hate to say it, but I hope it raises fundies' vile homophobic dander -- and keeps them at home on Nov. 4.

Watch McCain being interviewed by "Ellen" on YouTube. It's disgusting.

Tigger Tampa | September 2, 2008 7:35 PM

Well, when you remember that there were Jews that sided with the Nazis in WWII, this would make sense.

While i don't exactly see the current Republican party as being a Beacon for justice and equality I think your analogy is excessive.I don't see an endorsement of McCain as great but I certainly see it as an improvement over Bush,Romney or any of the really far righters.As for what happens with Governor Palin on the ticket time will tell.I'm neither a Democrat or a Republican but I value my vote and not just what it means to me but the big picture.The LCR may have a different idea of what the big picture is then me but that's as much their right as it is yours to choose to be a Democrat or my right to be neither.

To amym440, please see my comment below that begins "The analogy is not-at-all excessive" --- somehow that comment didn't get added into this point in the comment tree. --- AJL

John R. Selig | September 2, 2008 8:14 PM

If it looks like a moron and it walks like a moron... its a moron!

What I don't understand is how anybody can hate themselves so much that they not only vote against their rights but support the people who hate them.


It boggles the mind that LCR can endorse McCain-Palin. It boggles my mind that any person or group embodies that much hate and ignorance.

John R Selig wonders in rhetorical style, "What I don't understand is how anybody can hate themselves so much that they not only vote against their rights but support the people who hate them." John the answer is clear, those people have vested self-interests whether it's in their power-structure, their religion or their financial interests. Those people who hate themselves AND support the people who hate them are, just how should I say this, all screwed up!

LCR should rename their organization "Republicans Who Just Happen To Be Gay - Not That There's Anything Wrong With That".

John McCain has explicity said that if any court required a state to recognize another's same sex marriage, he would support the federal marriage amendment. He also opposed marriage equality in his home state. So the notion that he is any less anti-marriage equality than other Republicans, merely because he doesn't actively foam at the mouth when discussing it, is absurd.

And BTW, the fact that LCR didn't even get the RNC city right, ought to be a clue to their competence.

Seriously, I follow a few queer Republican blogs (they're not poorly written, actually), and you'd be surprised by how much the "I don't make an issue of being gay" thing comes up. And it's not in the pomosexual/queer/post-foucault way, but in the "If I just don't think about it then it doesn't exist... right?"

When I was growing up, I was quickly taught about the category of people known as self-hating Jews. As a kid, it was kind of a difficult concept to grasp. When I grew up and "got it", I quickly came to realize that there was another analagous category: the self-hating homosexual. (I say homosexual, because someone like that wouldn't deign to be called gay. Okay, this theory was formulated in the seventies. The last part may be outdated)

In any case, no, I'm not surprised about the "there's more to me than my sexuality" LCR attitude.

Ah, yes, the Log Cabin Republicans. GL (they don't care about BT). An organizational oxymoron. Makes about as much sense as compassionate conservatives, Republican intellectuals, and jumbo shrimp.

My favorite oxymoron is "anarchist group".

"GL (they don't care about BT)"

BTW, LCR doesn't care about the L, either.

I've always viewed Log Cabin Republicans as a joke. Sort of like those stories I heard of (a very small number) slaves in the South who would stage acts and entertain confederate troops because they, as slaves, supported slavery.

Then I found out those stories were sad but true.

In every population of humanity, there are always a few who are seriously mentally ill and in need of intervention.

It's one thing to be part of the party in an attempt to change it, but to constantly endorse their hateful views?

LCR who endorse McCain need treatment.

Keep in mind that the LCRs are wealthy white male professionals who have long forgotten what it is like to have to battle for civil rights in any serious degree -- forgotten the frustration and desperation that drives activists to pavement-pounding, vocal, get-out-there advocacy, rather than a "wait for it to come to us" approach. For the LCRs, it is more important to support a party that wishes to keep wealth in the hands of the wealthy, than to ensure employment rights for the disadvantaged or to help "lazy" people keep their homes.

And like attracts like. HRC is willing to poney up $10,000 for the LCRs and zero for the Stonewall Dems ( ) in a year in which post-ENDA protests have reportedly (unconfirmed) had the effect of increasing donations to the HRC to record levels.

It seems to me that wealthy people never forget to go where the money is, first and foremost. This is just "smart business at work."

The analogy is not-at-all excessive.

There is a major contingent of the GOP that would like to declare that the Constitution does not apply to gay men and lesbians, then throw us into concentration camps and crank up the gas furnaces.

If this group is willing to endorse McCain-Palin, then L.C.R. might as well stand for "Levites Championing the Reich".

A.J yes there is a major contingent of the GOP that is anti lgbt rights.But one could make a good argument that there far from as extreme as you would paint them to be.They want to put us in a position that we have to live their concept of a good godly family life.You know the wife 2.5 kids and a killer mortage.Please gas me.

I hope you are right, but I wish I could be as sure as you seem to be.

So many Christianists think the civil law should be the incarnation of this-verse and that-verse in the Bible --- and the Bible does say that under ancient Jewish law certain types of gay sex are reasons for execution. In contrast, of course, Jesus never endorsed such things, nor did he say that the prostitute should be executed, but instead forgiven.

My fear is that many fundamentalist Christians don't speak up because they know they don't have the power to enact such things --- immediately --- and in the meantime they will be called Neanderthals. But give them the power (such as a very right-wing US Supreme Court) and I would become very concerned as they are emboldened to show their true colors.

Generation X and Gen-Y have attitudes that are very different --- and hopefully in several more decades, I might feel differently as well.

No, I won't gas you --- unless you take me to Taco Bell, maybe, and let me pig out on Big Beef Burrito Supremes.