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Mamma Mia: Seen it? Liked it?

Filed By Alex Blaze | September 22, 2008 11:00 AM | comments

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How many people out there have seen the film version of the musical Mamma Mia? I went to see it about a week ago, and I have mixed feelings on it.

The script that they were working with was light and funny, and the music could have made it a movie to remember. Politically, I like how the main character realizes that a nuclear family doesn't make life easier to understand, but that it's a stifling mold to fit those around you into.

To say anything else about this movie would spoil it for others, so that's after the jump. But what did you all think about it?

The biggest problem I had with this movie was the casting. Pierce Brosnan simply can't sing. And that's not just my strange musical taste shining through - when he sang his first song a few other people in the theater actually started laughing out loud. He was horrible.

Sophie, Meryl Streep's daughter in the film, isn't all that great of an actress, and switched rather clumsily between a limited range of emotions throughout the film. She wasn't all that great of a singer either, do I don't really know what she was doing with one of the lead roles.

I was bothered by how the Greeks were treated in this movie, too. Donna and Sophie lived on a Greek island and owned a business there for 20 years, and yet neither managed to make a single Greek friend? Donna had to import two to come to the wedding and Sophie only has English-speaking friends, so I'm guessing they just lack in the social skills department.

But it did come off to me as though the Greeks were just there to be furniture, which makes no sense because the film could have just as easily been set in California or the Caribbean.

I am an ABBA fan, though, and the movie provided a fresh take on those songs, for someone who's never seen the play. I liked it enough, I just thought it had more potential is all.

But at least they tacked on a gay subplot and didn't reveal Sophie's biological father. Details like that make me happy

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I saw it just after it came out - I totally agree with you on Brosnan - OMG what a waste of screen time he was! Other than that, I found enough suspension of disbelief in me to thoroughly enjoy the movie for what it was; a fun romp. There is no deep meaning to be had here, just light-hearted entertainment. On that front, I think it lived up to expectations very well.

BTW - so-so on Dom Cooper, but Philip Michael (Pepper, the bartender featured with Christine Baranski in "Does Your Mother Know") is smoking hot!

Maybe you missed it. The daughter was marrying a cute local Greek boy. This film isn't about gaining civil rights for Greek goat farmers. It's a musical. Merle Streep was brilliant, and probably will win an oscar.


Except that kid was American.

He was designing a web site for the taverna. I assumed he was local as they both wanted to see the world.

Hm. I assumed he was American because he had an American accent.

I wonder what he was meant to be. I'm guessing that if the movie-makers actually wanted to make him Greek, they wouldn't have really cared about his accent.

Loved the movie, but Pierce Brosnan was very poorly cast in the movie. he was just way too stiff!
Fun movie, and I'd recommend anyone go see it!

I haven't seen it yet. Boil it down (I tried to skip any 'spoiler' parts in Alex's post...)

Should I see it in the theater or wait for DVD?

Theatre with Dolby sound. It's great and a welcome departure from the the "cop/kill" movies.

I liked Mamma Mia. I will have to agree with you on the singing and for it to be a movie that they can cut and edit. I have seen the play 3 times and will go again when it is back in town. I'm a ABBA fan and love their music. I have listened to their CDs from Cannon Beach, Or. to Eugene, Or. I love the plays but the movie had a lot of scenary that you couldn't reproduce in a play. Then there was the surprise. I won't go into it.