Margaret Cho on the "gay bomb"

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Not a joke... A 7.5 million dollar investment by the U.S. Air Force to develop a gay bomb that would transform soldiers - our enemies' soldiers - into lustful homosexuals. Only Margaret can give this story the exposure it deserves... Watch out America!

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Look, even if nary a dime was spent on this proposal,the idea that supposedly forward thinking, "smart" military commanders actually spent time dreaming up this bizarre idea is almost too much idiocy to bear. A better idea is a complete governmental overhaul starting with a manditory IQ test.

As for Cho, the woman is a perfectly fabulous. Anyone who can bring that amount of levity and common sense to the table is someone worthy of high praise. (And if you haven't seen her new "reality" show on Logo -- The Cho Show --you're missing out.)

Does it work like hitting your head on the Flintstones? If you're already gay, does it make you straight? Or is it a aphrodesiac? If the former, does it just do nothing to bi people?

I could think of one place I'd love to test to see if it worked the RNC.

rick_from_kansas | September 4, 2008 11:54 PM

Touche!! amym440

Now that my brother's an officer in the military, I've learned first-hand about the military's propensity to simply waste money. 7.5 million dollars? Why the hell not? I'm sure a good friend/private contractor made bank off that.

And was this military contract placed out for public bid properly? HELL NO!

I, for one, would have been delighted to parachute into enemy territory and teach enemy soldiers how to be gay for ... oh, maybe for a mere $3.2 million! ... And I know queens in San Francisco who do this sort of thing almost for free! (They do demand a good meal and a night at a five-star hotel two or three times a month.) ...

But did they give those of us who know best how to be gay a chance to bid? Not those Pentagon-padded hetero-fascist warmongering mutherf**kers!

I'm writing my Indiana Senatorial team! I know Dick and Evan will help me get in on the action the next time an R.F.P. like this one is floated out onto the American military-industrial complex!
(Dick, especially, who heads the Armed Forces Committee, has really good connections, I've been told.)

(* We know how Washington insiders work! Overheard from Will Forte on SNL: "Jack Abramoff? Why, I only met Abram a few days ago!" *)

I made sure to add this to my Facebook profile and submitted it to Digg. We should all vote it up on Digg so others can see how absolutely stupid this idea was.

oh yes please
send gay bombs to holland :-)