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Michael Franti Gives "Rebel Rockers" Something to Sing Along To

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On September 8, Michael Franti and Spearhead released "All Rebel Rockers," the latest offering from the hiphop-reggae fusion band. Franti is well-known for his peace-loving lyrics and social activism. And all the freaky people who have come to know and love Spearhead's message will not be disappointed with the latest album.

"All Rebel Rockers" was recorded in Jamaica and it reflects a heavily dub-influenced sound. Its upbeat rhythms will have you singing along in the car and doing a little chair dance, particularly when you hear "Hey World." I love it when he says he's gonna smash the empire with his boombox!

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If you're having a blue day (and who hasn't had one of those lately), you can count on Franti to cheer you up with "I Got Love For You" and "Have a Little Faith."

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Here's Franti explaining the story of "I Got Love For You" at a benefit show for Ninth Ward victims New Orleans. Franti wrote the song for his son as he went off to set up a life for himself in New York. What a positive message to give your child. And I love it when he asks the audience to give someone a hug at the end of the song.

Here he is performing "Have a Little Faith" at a show in Portsmouth, NH.

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If money's tight and you can't afford a new CD right now, you can download some of the tracks for free over on Spearhead's website. We could all use a little positive vibrations, and this album will definitely leave you feeling better than when it found you. And because I'm in a generous mood today, let me know if you like these tracks in the comments section and I'll back channel you to get an address where I can send you the CD. That's how much I love this album!

I'm looking forward to celebrating my birthday with my best girlfriends at the Spearhead show in Tucson next week. And just because I'm in a dancing mood, here's a blast from the past for ya'll.

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Yeah, I love it in "We Won't Stop" (the last video posted) when he talks about all the different wars: a war on hugs, a war on hippies, a war on love . . . Franti makes me smile!

amy dawn shanti | September 21, 2008 3:26 PM

Nice article. Now I'm super excited!

Franti & Spearhead are fantastic live! They really work the crowd. Have fun at the show.

They were on KCRW last Friday, and Franti discussed making the new music in both Jamaica and LA--for the best reggae and rock styles, respectively. You see them live in the archives.

I'd never heard of Franti or Spearhead before, Serena. Thanks for the introduction.

Absolutely, Bil. Glad I could share some love. You'll be getting a CD in the mail! ;^)