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New Field Poll and fundraising numbers for California same-sex marriage ban

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There's a new Field poll of likely voters on California Prop 8 out. Here it is along with two older polls, one other Field Poll and one from the Public Policy Institute of California:

Date:9/18 (FP)8/27 (PPIC)7/18 (FP)

Funding, from the LA Times, in millions of dollars:


The campaigns respond to the numbers, after the jump (the fundie response to Brad Pitt's donation is hilarious).

Here's the response from the Yes on 8 folks:

"Polls can be skewed, depending upon how questions are phrased, and we know that polling for marriage amendments historically underreport the level of true support," stated Karen England, campaign manager for Yes on Proposition 8. "There is no doubt that we have an uphill battle; the landscape has changed since Proposition 22. However, Californians still support protecting the real definition of marriage: one man, one woman.

And Californians have a history of overturning judicial tyranny at the November ballot box-this November will be no different.

"There are still a significant number of undecided voters in this race," continued England. "It is our job to educate and inform these voters about the consequences of destroying traditional marriage. Marriage's destruction will impact every relationship. We've already seen how a young couple in Placer County is barred by the government from declaring themselves "bride and groom" on their marriage license. And every married couple right now is no longer legally "husband and wife," but "Party A and Party B." Have you and your spouse determined which party you are?"

I don't even know where to begin with that.

Here's their response to Brad Pitt's $100K donation to the cause:

With wealthy Hollywood lining up to destroy marriage, we call on every concerned citizen to donate $15 for every Brad Pitt movie they have seen.

And if they haven't seen any Brad Pitt movies, to donate $10 for those unseen films.

Line up and count your sins, folks, and buy your indulgences. This is the Church of Political Distraction, and they need to line their pockets during this recession.

Here's the response from Equality California:

You might have seen the most recent field poll showing that 55 percent of likely voters are against Prop 8. Of course we are encouraged by these numbers that show the results of our hard work.

But to be successful, we need to run this campaign like we are 10 points behind. The multi-million dollar television attack ads haven't even started -- and we know these ads will target the 7 percent of undecided voters, along with the 10 percent of voters who won't disclose their true opposition to Prop 8 to the pollsters.

The real fight is still ahead of us.

Karen Ocamb has a list of people who haven't donated to support same-sex marriage in California. Here are some of the folks on it:

  • Ellen Degeneres
  • Rosie O'Donnell
  • Elton John
  • Melissa Etheridge
  • Paul Colichman (who's made his money off the gays at here!TV)
  • Greg Berlanti
  • Marc Cherry
  • Bryan Singer
  • Joel Schumacher
  • Gus Van Sant (who just made a movie on Harvey Milk in the Castro)

Among orgs, the LCR's also haven't donated, although they've launched their own Republicans against 8 campaign. Lambda Legal hasn't either, but they're a legal aid org and can't donate to political causes. Instead they're asking donors to donate directly to the cause.

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The response to Pitt's donation is awesome. Loves it! Thanks for sharing the numbers. We're ahead, but it's still close. But I'll take a little good news with the CNN financial report this morning.

This may help only with reasonable undecided voters, but here it is from a couple of SBNNs (straight but not narrows) in Ohio: For as long as we can remember in the great gay rights controversy, we’ve heard of a so-called ‘gay agenda’. This terminology originated with the far right, and has been kept alive--albeit on life-support these days, thank God--by certain groups to highlight their own agenda. We look to our history for a bit of wisdom: if a gay agenda exists, it is simply the same ‘agenda’ every other participant in the great American endeavor promises: the rights and responsibilities of full citizenship. Period. From this countries founding--a gaggle of oppressed individuals seeking escape from religious persecution(!)--to the present, every succeeding generation has selected a group to focus on, sound the alarm about, stigmatize, and deny rights to. Blacks, Chinese, Italians, Germans, Irish, Muslims, gays you name it, we always pick on some dangerous group of malcontents, and they always have an 'agenda'. From the first words of the U.S. Constitution...”We the people...” throughout the basic document that binds us together as Americans, including amendments such the the fourteenth which guarantees equal protection under the law, the intent is simple, and remarkably free of interpretation: words such as every, and all, and anyone are enshrined in the text. The pledge of allegiance, the morning recital we all chanted with our hands over our hearts in third grade concludes with a very simple line: “...with liberty and justice for all”. No ambiguity there. No need to explain. Liberty and justice---FOR ALL.
The conclusion is inescapable: any organized group assembled to orchestrate a denial of basic rights is UnAmerican. And for those who insist we’re a Christian country, and therefore the Bible ought to prevail as our guide, we remind them that recently we’ve seen the result of insistence on a religious tract as a guide to governance--here are a few examples: Iraq; Iran; Saudi Arabia; Malaysia; Yemen; Somalia.
There is no gay agenda. Gays want what every other law abiding, tax paying, working, worshipping, dreaming, hoping, parenting, shopping, editorializing American wants. Liberty and justice--for ALL. Here's to the wisdom and foresight of the supreme court of California for sounding the death knell of unequal application of basic rights--including the right to marry a beloved, and thereby enhance the status of marriage for all. By the way, we'll be catching every Brad Pitt movie, and sending $ to PFLAG and whichever other organization is aimed at defeating this hate-centered, exclusionary amendment.

It is interesting to consider which gay celebrities haven't donated. I would also like to know about these individuals:

Barbra Streisand
Steven Spielberg
Bette Midler

Barack and Michelle Obama (why should I contribute to his campaign if he won't contribute to mine?)

Hillary and Bill Clinton (they have some serious amends to make. This is a good place to start.)

I could go on, but the point is that there are many celebrities and politicians that profit off our support/contributions and this is an opportunity for all of these people to do SOMETHING in CA, FL and AZ.

I won't get into the argument about where these people were (financially or verbally) four years ago when dozens of states marginalized us...we are here, now, and you have our attention.

DO SOMETHING before the Mormons win.