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Ricky Martin's a father

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A little late, but worth mentioning (via Feministing):

"In recent weeks, Ricky Martin became a proud father by the birth of twin sons," his rep tells PEOPLE.

"The children, delivered via gestational surrogacy, are healthy and already under Ricky's full-time care," the rep said in a statement. "Ricky is elated to begin this new chapter in his life as a parent and will be spending the remainder of the year out of the public spotlight in order to spend time with his children."

Did Ricky Martin ever officially come out? Does this count?

Well, good for him. Gay men (I speak generally) have trouble enough becoming parents, what with biological, legal, and cultural hurdles in the way, and a (I dunno, straight?) man raising kids in a non-traditional family can open minds and doors.

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I just want to know how he got pregnant. :)

But speaking of gay dads, did you see Clay Aiken had a baby too?


I know The Man Show was generally stupid, but they did say about Ricky, "If you can't say you're straight, then you're gay." I'd add in a possibility for bisexuality and queer, but still, straight men generally say it straight up.

What a weird interview with Barbara Walters.

He has not come out publicly. Remember, he comes from a place where a senator of Puerto Rico called him a "loca" recently in TV. His business is also run on female fandom that prefers to think that the object of their affection is not gay. Coming out would cut his revenue. I'm not saying these are valid reasons, but they certainly are part of what keeps Latin men from coming out and opting for the asinine "MSM" label.

As for dads, don't forget the economic aspect. Legal hurdles can be circumvented; 25,000 dollars for adoption-- or ~100,000 for a surrogate-- is a rather limiting factor in gay male parenting. Some of the gay culture, too. I remember some vignette I read about a gay dad recalling a man telling him at a gay man's social event "Wouldn't a dog have been easier?" in reference to the infant son he brought. This is something our community needs a lot of growing up on.

My question would be a tad more simple: If he can't come out and be proud of who and what he is, is he going to be a suitable role model and guide for his children?
The old adage applies: Just because you can, doesn't necessarily mean you should.

Alex, I love it when you dabble in celeb gossip. It's so cute because you know nothing of pop culture!

Lucrece, you make a really good point about Martin's target audience. But there's a gaggle of fag hags out there who would remain true to their gay pop star if he did officially come out.

Steveck, MEOW!