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Top 13 Best Sarah Palin Funny Videos

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While progressives are - understandably - concerned about the small bounce Sarah Palin's nomination as the Republican vice presidential candidate has given the McCain campaign, I have to wonder if she won't end up the laughing stock of America. The republicans seem determined to raise the specter of Dan Quayle with her propensity to come off as a bumbling idiot after they shoved her into the national spotlight without adequate vetting or preparation.

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And so the internet amateurs, talk show hosts, and late night comics have been drawn like bees to a morning glory. The pillory has been erected and the people are armed with tomatoes.

A collection of a dozen other funny Palin videos after the jump.

Politico's James Kotecki finds something in common with Sarah Palin:

"Life for fetuses! Death to animals!"

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Sarah Palin as the Barbie Girl: "You're my doll, rock and roll, feel the glamor and pain, kiss me here, touch me there, hanky panky."

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Lisa Nova's brilliant spoof of (and almost dead ringer for) Palin shows who's the boss in our dynamic duo.

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"I had two terms on the Wasilla City Council where I voted yes to the new stoplight at the corner of Main and Moose streets." Nothing like a drag bit to spice up a presidential election.

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Did you see the video where Palin makes Craig Ferguson an honorary Alaskan citizen? It's from 2007, but very telling: "We'll show you what fishin' is all about."

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Young Turks thinks that Joe Biden will take Palin's lunch money and send her back to Alaska for more fishin' in a VP debate:

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The Daily Show's Jon Stewart covers the RNC (with a heaping helping of Palin on the side!):

Steven Colbert asks, "What?! She's the nominee?"

If you'd like to be the next contestant on the Republican vice presidential ticket...

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John McCain has wandering eyes. I wonder what caught his attention so often?

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And what roundup of funny Sarah Palin videos would be complete without Red State Update? "I can tell you all you need to know about Sarah Palin. She's hot. In a 'take me in the tundra' type of way."

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And don't forget the absolutely hysterical Triumph the Insult Comic Dog bit we featured a few days ago! Or Waymon's post ridiculing the republicans for choosing a campaign slogan already copyrighted by an anti-depressant.

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Thanks for sharing all this. I watched SP last night (what was with ABC repeating the interview again on Nightline??) I think, yes, she'll eventually be brought down by her own rare combination of stupidity and zealotry (oh, wait, not so rare in the Rep. party).

One of the pundits -- it may have been Paul Begala -- on Charlie Rose (at a table full of men,natch) said something that stuck with me: that SP's failure may be imminent but Spiro Agnew was torn down, and so was Dan Quayle. But that didn't prevent the election of Nixon or Bush I. Yikes.

On the other hand, maybe people will keep in mind that the stakes are much higher here given McCain's relative age and vote no on account of her.

Don't know. I'm frequently disheartened at this point. I want this to be over.

Brilliant, LMAO! Thank you thank you! ;-)

Bush/Quayle were elected to a first term.

I worry about that. I have to admit.

Is the videotape of Palin talking about the 'Bush Doctrine' authentic? Near the end she sounds very much like that beauty contestant whose answer to a question turned out to be complete gibberish.

i smell scandel XD!

Still love that Lisa Nova video.

It's a good thing McCain/ Palin aren't Pinocchio.
It would take too many Secret Service folks to carry their noses.