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Survivor Gabon: The gay contestant and the hottie's penis

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Survivor Gabon is off to a roaring start and the gay connections have never been easier to spot. Jerame and I have a habit of watching the first episode of reality shows and guessing which contestants are part of the family. As the opening minutes rolled past last night, lawyer Charlie Herschel was easy to spot. Not only is he cute as a button, he's friendly, cheerful and quite fey.

Survivor-shomance.jpgHe also has one heckuva man crush on fellow contestant Marcus Lehman. (Not that I blame him. Marcus, dubbed Georgia's hottest bachelor by Cosmopolitan Magazine in 2006, is absolutely stunning.)

As we watched last night, there was one part where Charlie goons over how hot Marcus is and Marcus tells the cameras how flattered he is by Charlie's attention. Marcus is standing around in his underwear while the two talk and we both looked at each other and said, "Well, I'd be drooling all over him too if he stood around in his undies all the time!" But when Marcus's dick popped out of those boxer briefs and CBS didn't notice? Voyeuristic gold. Picture after the jump. (Clickety to embiggen, of course)

Charlie-Marcus.jpgThe relationship between Charlie and Marcus is unique to our community. I have to admit, I'm usually one of the gay guys with a major crush on the friendly straight guy. I must admit though, I usually end up in bed with my "straight" friend. (Wonder how Charlie will end up? I'm guessing with his heels in the air!)

While Charlie gushed over Marcus...

"I feel that I have a special bond with Marcus. Ever since I saw him on the mat and he picked me, I just felt this connection in his deep, blue beautiful eyes."

...Marcus wasn't too into the idea of romancing Charlie.

"The thing with Charlie is, I think he's attracted to me but you know, I'll be honest. I don't see any romance between Charlie and I. I think he's a great guy, you know. I can see that he's handsome and smart and all those things. I really can appreciate that about him. It's just not really the way I roll. I'm straight, so... We're in Eden, but there's no two Adams here."

Hey, who needs romance? My favorite thing about sex with hot straight guys? Sending them back home afterwards!

Personally, I'd be happy with either Charlie or Marcus. They are both extremely good looking, smart as can be, and have winning personalities. I'd be pleased as punch to see either of them smile at me in the morning!

While my posts about other naked reality show contestants have been some of the most popular on the site (NSFW - See naked pictures of Big Brother 9 contestant James Zinkand or Big Brother 10's Jessie Godderz for example), this one probably won't live up to the high standards set by Big Brother contestants.

During one of the competitions shown last night, for a brief instant you can see Marcus's penis pop out the fly of his underwear. There's not too much to see, honestly, but when mooning over reality show contestants is your hobby... That wasn't meant to be a small dick joke, by the way.

You'll probably want to click the pic to enlarge the detail. Damn it! Small dick joke again! I'll just stop now.


Let's hope he wears those undies all season and Charlie gets him out of those boxer briefs eventually. I'll be rooting for them!

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Michael Crawford Michael Crawford | September 26, 2008 5:37 PM

I am beginning to think that the only reason you watch reality shows is for the appendage sighting. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Uh, yeah. Is there another reason other than the fleshfest? :)

Two of the best reality shows are Big Brother and Survivor - most of the men are shirtless most of the time! LOL

Aw, shucks! ... I thought we were going to get a good look at it! What a disappointment!

(Maybe the main channels on TV can't show it ... but many of the cable channels and magazines can!)

But then, at least this post let's me know that I'm not the only DOM (Dirty Old Man) lurking on this blog ...


You got a great screenshot.