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Talking About the Black Blog Rankings

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Some of you Projectors are aware of the fact that Pam's House Blend is the Number 1 ranked African-American blog. For those of us who have read her posts here and are regular readers of the Blend, it's no surprise she is.

aa woman on computer.gifBut how did out of the 1407 known African-American owned and operated blogs did she get to be considered number one?

It's called the Black Blog Rankings, and I wanted to give you peeps a little insight on the ranking system that has in a little over a year become the go to measuring stick for African-American owned and operated blogs and how it came to pass.

The creative genius behind the Electronic Village blog created the Black Blog Rankings. He was on North x East one day and read an article listing the 50 most influential bloggers in their estimation that didn't include one POC blogger. He was incensed about it, so as we tend to do as a people, when the mainstream culture doesn't show us love or respect or fails to cover our issues, we do things for ourselves.

The Villager decided that since the wider blogosphere wasn't showing us any love, he'd create his own ranking system for African-American owned and operated blogs. That frustration also led to the founding of the annual Blogging While Brown Conference in Atlanta and a group of progressive African-American blogs called the AfroSpear.

Thus the Black Blog Rankings was born. It started in September 2007 with 75 ranked blogs, and the number of ranked blogs has been multiplying ever since. With this month's anniversary rankings, it now includes 1407 ranked African-American blogs.

Many of you Projectors know that Pam reached that milestone in July. She's a role model for me and I love the fact she's been getting much deserved love in the blogosphere and beyond for the excellent work she's done over the years.

But I have to give my own blog a shout out as well. TransGriot has been garnering attention in the African-American blogosphere not only for my focus on transgender issues among other subjects, but for the meteoric rise in the BBR rankings its made since being added to the list in April.

My blog debuted in the April BBR's at 107 out of the ranked 1045 blogs at the time. Because the rankings are Technorati based, a massive drop in my Technorati ranking caused me to slip to number 133 in May. But it's been onward, upward and warp speed ahead ever since.

In July my BBR ranking stood at 122. Last month I finally cracked the Top 100 Black Blogs with a BBR of 92. Now I stand as of September 1 with a BBR of 67.

1000 posts and two years later, it's been gratifying to see other transgender people of African descent start their own blogs to talk about us and where we fit not only in the GLBT community, but the African-American one as well. I'm also loving the fact that continental Africans are beginning to do the same. I'm also honored to have had the opportunity to compose 56 posts (and counting) here for The Project.

So why it this important you ask? Well, out of the BBR blogs in the Top 10, five are entertainment ones, three deal with politics, one with social commentary and one on technology. I'd like to see mine listed in that BBR Top 10 one day.

It's also important for a personal reason. I love to be the first transgender blog to crack that BBR Top 25 and shatter a few stereotypes along the way about African-American transgender people.

Thanks to the Villager, we not only have a way to measure our progress in terms of building a quality blog, it gives us role models to follow as well. The BBR's also give us goals to shoot for while we uplift the race and educate others at the same time.

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Pam deserves the honor. She works extremely hard on her blog and constantly challenges the rest of us to keep up with her.

I'm glad to see your ratings are going up too, Monica. I know you work really hard on your site as well. Congratulations!

Congratulations Monica! Thanks for the explanation of the Black Blog Rankings and history.

That she does. The most important lesson i took from her was not be afraid to speak truth to power.

Hope i get to meet you when I come to denver in November

Monica -- I appreciate your article. Pam, you and others in the LGBT community are definitely breaking down barriers with your posts on a wide variety of issues. Keep doing what you're doing and you'll be in the Top 25 before the end of the calendar year!

peace, Villager

Blog ranking systems are great for when it comes to getting people to read something a little different from normal. The Weblog Awards last year did the most of any single event in this site's history to boost our readership, so I'm sure the BBR help smaller blogs find readers.

I forgot to mention in this article the Black Weblog Awards.

Give you one guess who won for best LGBT blog this year ;)