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The comedy gods are happy

Filed By Bil Browning | September 14, 2008 1:30 PM | comments

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With an entire nation sacrificing rubber chickens and imploring the comedy gods to give us one - just one! - Tina Fey impression of Sarah Palin, how could they resist?

The comedy gods are happy.

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Tina Fey nailed this!! It was great!

Nailed it, then hot glued it to the wall, then découpaged it.

"Nailed it, then hot glued it to the wall, then découpaged it."


Are you a Rosie fan?

I like Rosie, but I wouldn't consider myself a fan. Is that a Rosie thing?

Rosie used to talk about découpage and her love of hot glue guns all of the time on her daytime talk show. That's the only reason I even knew the word.


Probably a horrible thing to say, but I *finally* like something Tina Fey did...

That line about the media suddenly caring about sexism... um, yeah. Funny that it's when a Republican is running for high office.

i liked it. i am listening to a talking head on cable news and she is saying that "If a black woman paraded her 5 children, one being pregnant, around like Sarah Palin, IT WOULD NOT BE A ROCKWELL MOMENT. man oh man, i could not have said it better. She is a monster because she indeed has NO EXPERIENCE FOR VICE PRESIDENT. I always go back to Leon Higgenbotham words about laws being made for, by and on behalf of white men. As we have progressed (?), we can now say straight white men. PUKE.

OMG - Tina Fey is the PERFECT Sarah Palin!


My roommate and I watched it and nearly peed ourselves. One of the best SNL moments of recent memory. At a time when the show can't create a memorable non-pop-culture parody character to save its life, Tina Fey wins big with Sarah Palin. Yes, it's an impersonation, but the funny is in the ridiculousness of the person being imitated (as would be the case with any Britney Spears impersonation) as well as the person making the fun.

If I wrote for the New York Times -- scratch that, the New York Times reviewers are never positive about anything, so just pick some other highbrow pulications -- I'd call this a "transcendence"! ;)

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | September 15, 2008 4:44 AM

OK, Damn funny, I laughed and I cried and I slapped my desk and I remembered the Kerry campaign.

Don't laugh and lose.

We still have a country that has many stealth voters who will not vote for a non caucasian.

We still have plenty'o white men who will vote for the girl with the pretty boobs.

We still have church buses full of fools who will vote for anyone who doesn't believe in dinosaurs.

It is funny, but with Wall Street ready to implode I hope Obama and Co. have rediscovered "It is the economy stupid." He has raised a tonne of money and it is time to crush McCain on the damn issues.

Oddly enough, she doesn't believe in dinosaurs, but she is the Vice Presidential candidate for one.