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Tony Perkins Rallies Churches for Florida's Amendment 2

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The backers of Amendment 2 continue to try Perkins-Tony.jpgand rally churches to pass the deceptive and discriminatory "Marriage Protection" Amendment in Florida. Now Tony Perkins, of the Family Research Council, is weighing in from Washington.

In their latest video, Perkins encourages Floridians "to define marriage according to the biblical and historical definition." Mr. Perkins goes on to say, "Amendment 2 does one thing and one thing alone. It defines marriage as a union of one man and one woman."

That is a flat-out lie.

The video and more after the jump...

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Let's break it down for Mr. Perkins, shall we?

The Florida Legislature wrote:

(The Amendment) adds a new prohibition for unions that are 'the substantial equivalent' of marriage. The amendment provides no definition for the phrase 'substantial equivalent thereof,' which lends to the ambiguity of the wording of the proposed amendment.

What does that mean for Floridians? It means domestic partnerships registries and benefits will be taken away. The ambiguous language leaves unmarried couples open to devastating repercussions.

This ambiguity is exactly what happened in Michigan. That state's amendment is the basis for dissolving domestic partnership registries used to provide health care benefits and pensions. The Michigan Supreme Court mandated that these benefits be taken away from public employees.

The same battle is being waged in Kentucky, where their marriage protection amendment is the focus of a battle brought by its supporters to take away benefits from public employees at the University of Kentucky and the University of Frankfort.

These dangerous amendments were even used to weaken domestic violence laws. Ohio's amendment was used as a defense against a domestic violence charge. The defendant used the amendment's strict definition of "marriage" to argue that his relationship with his longtime live-in girlfriend didn't meet the standard, and therefore no domestic violence charge was valid. A lower court upheld that defense, and for several years it was argued until a higher court dismissed it as a defense.

The far reaching impact of Amendment 2 in Florida is something Perkins and his ilk never mention. In fact, they continually lie about what the Amendment will do so they can rally their base to vote and legislate their narrow view of family- regardless of what the consequences are.

To help defeat Amendment 2, go to www.SayNo2.com and get involved!

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You know they aren't going to tell the truth about this, Waymon. They've done the same thing here in Indiana. They spread lies and gloss over their negatives while gently laying a vision of a 1950s land of milk and honey to gullible voters.

You know what this calls for? Some can off whoop-ass, courtesy of Nadine Smith. That woman knows how to take names.

I said this over at Pam's regarding the bizarre One News Not claim (http://www.onenewsnow.com/Legal/Default.aspx?id=245326) that 900,000 residents of Baltimore had signed the petition to kill the Montgomery trans ordinance: We've reached the point where facts simply do not matter.

Ten years ago christianists lied with impunity because they were confident no one (at least no one in the MSM) would call them on it. Now, they're called on it constantly and they don't even blink. They don't abandon a lie once its been exposed; they just stick with it and claim that 'the media' is lying.

And it works.

The christianists lied about the scope of the Michigan amendment - and a majority on the state Supreme Court said it didn't matter.

Lying works.

Why would they stop?

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | September 13, 2008 7:54 AM

I am shocked to imagine that the religious would lie at the "management" level to maintain their perceived stranglehold on the keys to afterlife.

those tony perkins christians are oxy-moronic. Imagine those self righteous christians lying and getting away with it? Seems like thier followers are son gullible and/or are in denial about what Perkins preaches. What will happen if those gullible people stop beliving those lies. They will eventually go to the well once too often.

Waymon, I love you. Why no mention of http://VoteNOon2.com campaign?
I hate to admit it but if I had a bullet list, Tony would be on the top of the list.
I'm no longer shocked that these professional christians would lie through their teeth.
One that's particularly transparent is that this amendment would have NO effect on anything and does nothing new. Welcome to biazzaro land. If that was their intent, why all the extra language?
They know the polls just like we do. They know that Floridians balk at taking existing rights away. And to use the church in such a way... shamefull. Not new, but shameful.
We'll continue to fight like hell. We had dinner with friends last night in Wilton Manors... guess where they are moving? Boston. Floridas' loss. Don't blame them one bit.

I know, banshiii. Tony Perkins makes me crazy. It is shameful the way he continually lies and uses religion as a tool of division.

And I love you too. ;)

Vote No on 2 yard signs, bumper stickers, posters and such should be available at the GLCC really soon. I'll holler when I know something....

Let's get real here... We have a "christian" president who promised his administration would be one of the most honest and he and his staff have not only lied but because of those lies are responsible for 4,000 American soldier deaths and untold deaths of Iraqi citizens and the destruction of much of Iraq. All in the name of 911.. Oh wait it wasn't 911 it was democracy... oh wait it wasn't democracy it was oil.. Oh wait, they've denied that too.. Oh I remember it was to make America safer! When the guy at the top lies and gets away with it, what can we expect? The right wing was incensed because President Clinton got a BJ (or two??)and he's impeached. President Bush lies in order to scare the sh** out of everyone so we can go to war and all is well. When it comes to lying, some "christians" no longer have a working conscience. And, these liars and murderers have the balls to tell us what is moral and God's will?

Tony Perkins was outed for having sex with another man and the evangelicals sent him into seclusion where they did laying of hands, prayer and fasting and low and behold, he is as straight as a pin and ready to start judging people, again. Oh, and being a liar, too. But, we put up with those folks and we've allowed Bush to continue to lie to us without repercussions.

But, what goes around comes around. They'll all meet their maker one of these days and they'll be shocked to find out they weren't God, after all; nor did they really know God.

Tony Perkins was outed for having sex with another man and the evangelicals sent him into seclusion where they did laying of hands

Oh, if you had a link or background info on that statement....