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Why Palin Could Use More Lipstick

Filed By Storm Bear | September 10, 2008 3:30 PM | comments

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Yes, I went there.

Way back in the day - think the 60's, my Mom taught me about being polite. These days, politeness is called political correctness.

Over the last 8 years, I have been lied to, called a communist, a criminal, had my bags searched for no reason, had my email monitored, had my phone calls monitored and I actually caught a guy in a blacked out Suburban going through my trash.

I am done with politeness. McCain is offended? Fuck him and the Moose he rode in on. I am tired of all this petty bullshit while America burns... while the world burns.

The glaciers are melting, sea level is rising, crops are failing, our planet is a mess. China owns too much of our debt, industry has mostly moved out of America and the GOP sees nothing wrong with this.

Sick. To. Death.

I am sick of the mother fucking war - all fucking war for that matter. I am sick, tired and miserable with the GOP in power. Yes, the Dems have problems, don't get me started on the traitorous Blue Dogs, I will get back to those assholes once I get Obama in office.

But for now, McCain and Palin need to be beat like rented mules (yes, I am trotting out all sorts of anti-pc phrases today).

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Anybody who thinks that he was just honestly using this expression with no intent to refer to Sarah Palin has to be seriously navie. Obama thought he could get away with insulting the governor just by using a common idiom, but imagine what the outrage would have been if John McCain criticized the Democratic ticket by saying "the pot calling the kettle black."

Use your common sense folks. Obama meant it as an insult. Not only did he call Palin a pig, but he went on to call John McCain an "old fish"--an insult referring to Mr. McCain's age. Senior citizens vote in large numbers, and again Obama is treading on thin ground when he resorts to fifth grade name-calling.

Actually I did not get the reference to McCain's running mate that the Republicans keep claiming it was all aimed at failed Republican policies that that McCain has backed more than not, like about 90% of the time.

You can actually hear what candidate Obama said hear very clearly.
What I have seen is the low form of political campaigning in the Swift Boat tradition of the Republican Party. BTW, I'm an Independent voter who doesn't believe in Pro-sports style politics which is basically what our political system has degraded too!

The phrase Obama used has been used many times over by John McCain and nothing was said or done about it. Even Sarah spoke of the different between a pit bull and a mom, lipstick. Neither she nor John McCain has a patent on the word and the use of lipstick. It was and is a ploy of the Republican Party and the McCain campaign to hide behind frivolous bull in other not to talk about the issues that are prevalent in this country.