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Why were the Log Cabin Republicans so hasty in their endorsement?

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Editor's Note: Jordan Peters is a 20 year old sophomore at The Ohio State University majoring in International Studies and Russian language. She grew up in Dayton, Ohio with her parents. The 2008 election marks her first opportunity to cast her vote in a presidential election.

JordanPeters.jpgFour years ago at this time I was hiding a huge part of myself from the two people who know me best- my parents. I had no idea how to tell them I was a lesbian. The conventions had ended and John Kerry and George Bush really began discussing the issues that would drive the election. Gay marriage became a significant social divide, especially as states all over the country announced constitutional amendments defining marriage as a union between one man and one woman. With the strong anti-gay sentiments in the Republican Party, revealing to my Republican family that I was gay seemed nearly impossible. Fortunately between the conventions and the 2004 election, my parents found out my secret and accepted me with love and support. Despite this sitting in my living room watching the results of the election and the passage of eleven constitutional amendments banning same-sex marriage- including my home state of Ohio- was terrifying and alarming.

At twenty and participating in my first presidential election as a voter, that November evening is something that I would like to prevent. As I mentioned, my parents are lifetime Republicans, and they have instilled many of the party's beliefs in me. Before finalizing my decision at the poll in November, I intend to investigate many issues facing our country, however due to my youthful idealism the issue closest to my heart and to my future will be gay rights.

Barack Obama and John McCain both pledge change in the next four years. Moreover they promise to fight for all Americans. What do these statements mean for the gay community?

Log Cabin Republicans have recently endorsed the McCain/ Palin ticket. Based on many Republican values, this endorsement is intelligent and encouraging. Yet from a gay rights perspective this endorsement has the potential to be devastating. Mr. McCain's record regarding LGBT rights is shaky at best. The Log Cabin Republicans endorsed McCain based upon his refusal to support a federal amendment to the Constitution defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman. McCain's reason for opposing the amendment was based on his desire to let individual states decide the issue. He currently supports a similar amendment in his state of Arizona. Regarding his position on adoption, Don't Ask Don't Tell, hate crimes and equal housing and employment Mr. McCain has anti- LGBT opinions.

Another confusing element of the endorsement from the Log Cabin Republicans surrounds the silence from Sarah Palin about issues regarding the gay community. The unexpectedness of her selection as a vice presidential candidate leaves numerous unanswered questions across the board, not just questions surrounding the gay community. Because of these circumstances, why were the Log Cabin Republicans so hasty in their endorsement of the McCain/ Palin ticket? Eight weeks remain until Election Day and Ms. Palin will be forced to answer questions from the public.

Because this election is so important to our country and to the gay community, the Log Cabin should have postponed their decision until the public knows more. Being an informed voter is one of the most important responsibilities we have as Americans and we rely on organizations such as the Log Cabin Republicans to educate ourselves. This organization was not responsible or informed when it endorsed John McCain and Sarah Palin. Hopefully by November fourth our questions will be answered and the endorsement from the Log Cabin will prove to be strong.

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Republicans are dumb as dirt.

Wolfgang E. B. Wolfgang E. B. | September 13, 2008 11:47 AM

McCain has publicly said he will support a Federal amendment to ban gay marriage if he feels it's necessary

The choice of Sarah Palin tells the True Believers/Kool-Aid Drinkers everything they need to know about McCain/Palin's intentions. I see this as 'dog-whistle' messaging that Karl Rove would be proud of (assuming he didn't have an actual hand in it...)

I intend to tell my republican-leaning friends how McCain/Palin will hurt me directly.

The LCR has Republican in its name. It does not have GLB, and definitely doesn't have T. They are Republicans first, and queer last. They are not your friends, and definitely aren't mine. Don't consider them a GLBT organization, please, they don't deserve that much credit. A GLBT person who votes for McCain/Palin would be like an African-American voting for Nathan Bedford Forrest.

The LCR has Republican in its name. It does not have GLB, and definitely doesn't have T. They are Republicans first, and queer last.

Amen, Polar.

Jordan Peters | September 19, 2008 4:49 PM

I understand that the Log Cabins Republicans fight for the republican values, however because they don't have LBG or T in their name doesn't mean they don't have a responsibility to the LGBT community. Especially when the mission statement on the LCR website specifically discusses protect and equality for the gay community. Moreover, in the statement endorsing the McCain/ Palin ticket, the organization cited McCain's voting record on the federal marriage amendment.

The description on the LRC website says "Log Cabin Republicans is the nation's only organization of Republicans who support fairness, freedom, and equality for gay and lesbian Americans." Based on that statement, they seem like a gay organization, even if they have irresponsibly supported John McCain.

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | September 14, 2008 9:16 AM


Firstly, I am so grateful that you have supportive loving parents. That is so wonderful. They probably have had to rethink a number of their own positions in light of the reality of you in their lives.

The best part of the Republican ideal are inspirational, but both Reagan, Bush one and two have horrifically grown government and the last eight years have seen a diluting of our rights as Americans which is a sadness hard to bear.

I would think that it would be a great time to reevaluate the parts of the Republican party that are oppressive. Have a long chat with your folks about it and express freely to them that the first time you vote you cannot vote for people who would invalidate your life if they could. There are worse things than being Dick Cheney's daughter, but she is far from the rule and the reality of LGBT persons.

I am probably older than your dad Jordan and I will share this slight bit of wisdom I hope will last in your life. Don't hate, don't tolerate hate and don't vote for hate. Don't marginalize, don't tolerate those who do and don't vote for it. Don't compromise, don't lie, don't believe convenient lies. Lead an honest life it will pay you back many times over. Good Luck

Jordan: Congratulations on your brave decision. It appears you learned a valuable lesson already, and one that will serve you well. I have to say I'm encouraged by your parents' reaction as well; it tells me they likely already knew. The biggest concern I have with the LCRs, or any Republican win this year is this: so much of their attention seems to be around cultural issues like gay (non) rights, gay (non) marriage and other agendas that to the LGBT community at least should be non-issues. We have so many critical items to face now that we need to just pass Human Rights legislation and get on with it. Years from now, (hopefully) we'll look back at denial of rights & banning gay marriage as plain stupid, and wonder what we were thinking. Hopefully.
All the best, and er, um, Go Bucks, I guess.
Byron & Mariah in Columbus
Got Caffection?

This decision wasn't hasty. I'm sure that they were planning on endorsing the Republican nominee for some time now, and McCain isn't particularly worse than any of the others.

They're a Republican organization, and their decision not to endorse in 2004 just marginalized them w/i the party. They weren't going to repeat that again.