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Yes, this ad is racist

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Barack Obama is not being respectful enough to Sarah Palin, according to the McCain campaign:

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One Drop over at Too Sense puts it better than I could:

Female narrator's voice (sounding white, but one can't assume), talking about Obama being disrespectful of the white female VP nominee. They are tapping into one of the most visceral racial resentments in this country: the white response to supposed insults against white women by black men. How many lynchings during the height of Jim Crow were tied, at least in pretext, to some kind of attack against or insult to a white woman by a black man? How much Southern racial mythology centers around the notion of white men protecting their women from black male aggression?

Indeed, this ad isn't attacking Obama on the issues. It's not attacking him for his experience or past. It's not even attacking him for lying about Sarah Palin.

It's attacking him for not being respectful enough to a white woman.

Don't believe me? Imagine the Obama campaign ran an ad saying that McCain, for disagreeing with Joe Biden, wasn't being respectful enough to him. It'd sound kinda stupid, kinda like something... that would never happen.

That "How disrespectful" is the center of this ad, the most emotionally laden sentence in it.

The To Kill a Mockingbird strategy might get him the racist vote, but it's pretty offensive.

Not that it should surprise anyone at this point.

Update: Oh, and the ad's filled with lies too.

The "they" is never specified here, but the notion that Barack Obama's campaign "dismissed" Sarah Palin based on her looks twists what was clearly a self-deprecating joke by his running mate, Joseph R. Biden Jr. The senator from Delaware laughed as he compared himself to the Alaska governor: "Well, there's obvious differences. She's good-looking."

The "doing what she was told" line is an exaggerated version of a comment by Obama strategist David Axelrod. "She tried to attack Obama by saying he had no significant legislative accomplishments -- maybe that's what she was told," he said. Axelrod did not say that Palin was entirely programmed by the McCain campaign.

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I love it how they claim he called her a liar, but they neglect to mention all of the mainstream media outlets that have done the same thing. 'Cuz, you know, she's lying.

Told y'all they were gonna race bait....

They can't help it. They're Republicans and it's their SOP. It's a core part of their 'Southern Strategy'. Hatin' on African-Americans has been their road to power for the last 40 years now and you have enough 'small town values' voters to fall for that 'Blame the nigras' okey doke every time.

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | September 13, 2008 8:35 AM

Monica, from the pale side of the sheets I agree with you totally. The racism that Americans still employ in the back of their minds is something they will not talk about--directly--but influences their vote. How else can I see a CNN poll of polls with Obama two points behind? We can still pull this out. We can still win and the haters of the 1960's die off a bit more each year, but they infect the next generation as much as they can.

I get so damned angry!

Michael Crawford Michael Crawford | September 12, 2008 3:47 PM

Why am I not surprised that the McCain/Palin campaign is resorting once again to racial attacks?

They have not one iota of a platform to run on, nor one policy proposal that will help to move the country forward from the disastrous Bush years. It is the same old divisive crap that we get from Republicans year after year.

We've said it for years: Democrats know how to govern; Republicans know how to get elected. Until Dems learn how to scare the bejesus out of the American electorate thereby earning their votes, we'll be subjected (word chosen with care) to the too typical Republican politics of division. And isn't it odd that these hard core conservatives only just last week weren't afraid to dismiss women in the marketplace and politics as unseemly and 'liberal'? How far down the rabbit hole are we right now? Here is one of our fears. That Obama in his feverish attempts to educate the masses will disrespect all of us by assuming we're more intelligent than we really are. We've proven we'll elect a retarded one, but are we ready for a president with brains? Stay tuned.

Now THAT'S Hollywood! I wanna see that's not a movie? oh boy....