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8 Against 8 launches to fight Prop 8

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As regular readers of my blog know, I live in North Carolina, a state where my wife and I have no legal rights as a same-sex couple.

It is for that reason that I have donated to defeat Proposition 8. California's legislature, representing the people, and its courts, representing the rule of law, have moved to recognize the right of gay and lesbian couples to marry. We cannot allow an established civil right in the Golden State to be overturned at the ballot box. Every dollar you can give in these last in these last few days helps fight the dollars donated to enshrine discrimination into California's constitution. As we've seen this election cycle, small dollar donations can make a huge difference.

Over the weekend, Grace Chu and Grace Rosen of asked me to help get the word out and fundraise on behalf of Equality California’s No on 8 campaign. Our eight-day collaborative online fundraising effort is called 8 Against 8. Lesbian bloggers participating with me are: Dorothy Snarker of, Lori Hahn of, Kelly Leszczynski of, Sinclair of, Riese of , and Renee Gannon of

All companies and businesses that donate $100 or more will receive a free one week ad on and, with 100% of the proceeds donated through the 8 Against 8 donation page at go directly to Equality California’s No on 8 Campaign.

And the ad deal goes for Pam's House Blend as well -- if a business or blog donates $100 or more, you can receive a week of free ad space on the Blend. If you donate $500 or more, you will get a month of free space on my blog -- and a Pam's House Blend T-shirt and mug.

Also, here is the 8 Against 8 on Facebook page. Sign up!


And if you surf over to my friend Mike Signorile's blog, he is holding a fundraiser for No On 8 -- auctioning off a bear loaded with his 2008 Dem convention swag! So if you're interested, put a bid in and donate more!

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Thanks Pam
Glad to see you are behind this as expected. We are doing our part in Palm Springs.
Did you know Jeff Kors father, the organizer of VoteNoOnProp8 has given over $100,000.00. That is a loving father and showing family values. Another loving father is Lewis, head of Progressive Insurance.
I will bid on Mike's bear. Several years ago I ended up as high bidder on Ebay with Liza Bear, Katie Couric Bear, and Liza's sisters Bear (can't remember her name) for the Matthew Sheppard museum. Michaelangelo is the greatest.

I love Kelly and Lori's blogs too; I'm really pleased to see so many LGBT bloggers coming together in various ways to defeat this horrible amendment.