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A Deeply Personal Guest Post

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Editor's Note: Today's guest blogger is none other than Steven Goldstein. Steven is the chair of Garden State Equality, New Jersey's leading LGBT rights organization. Steven, a leader in a state that's "on the cusp" of marriage equality, has a special message for Hoosiers on how they can help themselves by helping others.

It's deeply personal because it affects the life of my partner Daniel and me. We're talking about freedom to marry.

Tuesday, a new poll came out showing that California's Proposition 8 to eliminate marriage equality there would win if the election were held today. Just a week ago, our side was comfortably ahead.

The difference has been a huge influx of right-wing money that has allowed our opponents to buy massive airtime in California, which like New Jersey is a state where elections are largely decided by paid media.

What does this have to do with Daniel and me, and the rest of us in New Jersey and in every other state that's on the cusp of winning marriage equality?

If our side loses in California, then the right-wing battle cry everywhere in the country would be: When marriage equality is put to a popular vote, marriage equality loses.

Now that would be a ridiculously overwrought conclusion, but that's what national right wing leaders would say for sure.

No state in the country will be hurt more than New Jersey if our side loses the California referendum fight. After California, New Jersey is positioned to be among the next two states to win marriage equality - and to do it legislatively, an historic first. A loss in California would hurt us in New Jersey terribly.

Please don't let California down. Please don't let New Jersey down. Please don't Daniel and me down.

Some of you know that Daniel and I met on October 21, 1992. If you want to send us a Sweet 16 present - please, no physical gifts; we most lack the human dignity that comes with freedom to marry - please visit

You can make a donation to Garden State Equality's Garden State/Golden State Campaign for Marriage Equality. Between now and Election Day, Garden State Equality will contribute 50 percent of every online contribution it receives to Equality California's No on 8 campaign. This will help preserve marriage equality in California by defeating the Proposition 8 ballot initiative.

With one contribution, you have an extraordinary opportunity to help marriage equality in New Jersey and California simultaneously.

Please. On behalf of Daniel and me and every other same-sex couple who deserves the freedom to marry, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Shana Tovah and an easy fast to those of you observing.


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