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Two mailers have been delivered at our house urging us to vote "Yes on Question One." The fliers tell voters, "The township assessor system is unfair, inefficient and outdated. Taxpayers deserve a change. By voting yes, we can have a uniform assessment system that is fair and saves millions of dollars each year."

While I don't disagree, neither of them say who is sending the flier. I like to know who's sending me literature before I give it any weight.

Don't campaign mailings have to say who paid for them? Doesn't the post office require a return address? Who's behind the mailings and why don't they say so up front?

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i got that mailing but didn't notice there was no name on it. that is weird, now that you mention it.

i believe the indy chamber of commerce is running radio ads on this issue, so they would be my guess for the source of the mailers... but it's just a guess.

The quote is from the one we got today, but there was a different one that came last week. I wish I'd kept it now; I'd scan it. I'll try to get this one scanned unless someone can pop in and give a quick explanation why there's no return address.

If mailers aren't affiliated with a party or candidate, do they need ID on them? I'm clueless. Yeah, I wish I'd kept ours. We'd already voted so didn't make any difference.