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Anything can be true in Wingnut Land

Filed By Storm Bear | October 07, 2008 5:00 PM | comments

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Seriously, does this cartoon make any sense? I think it does, but you must live in Wingnut Land for you to get it.

I have come to believe that Wingnutters live in some sort of Roddenberrian universe of parallel realities all intersecting at once. How else can you explain their belief in so many wrong-headed "if then else" statements?


Makes perfect sense, right?

When I watch Hannity or read RedState, I really wonder what reality they live in. A world filled with inconsistent and shifting logical operators? Maybe a world awash with bullshit.

With McCain's and Palin's audiences shouting "terrorist" and "kill him" at the mention of Barack Obama's name and the racial slurs shouted at media camera crew personnel, it shows that anything goes as long as it forwards their agenda.

If I were to make those associations, the above cartoon would tend to make sense. If Bush is like McCain, then Palin is like Bin Laden.

Makes perfect sense.

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Seriously, does this cartoon make any sense?

No. Not a damn bit. I re-read it four times before moving on to your written post. Now I don't feel so bad.


See, you do not live on the wingnut plantation.