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Chris Crocker on the bathroom issue

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Chris Crocker takes on the bathrooms issue. Strong language.

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But why in the hell do we care what Chris Crocker thinks? This over dramatic queen's ten minutes of fame and fortune are over. Just let him fade into obscurity. Please!

Bil, Chris Crocker is a genius in his own right. We need to hear what he's thinking on all issues.

Also, I liked him before the Britney video, which means I can still like his videos without being a trend-follower.

agree, chris is genius
i need people like chris

ps movable type errors :-( , sorry

Wow...Chris gets hate even on a lgbt forum. Im sad now. really...:(

To me Chris Crocker, as zany as he is really has some things to say about the issues. Yes, he may be vulgar. He isnt appropriate but you remember him no? He isnt any more insane than any of my friends and may i say particularly the LBGT ones! It takes a certain amount of tenacity just to survive this world trying to be yourself, and Chris just happens to have his face on a video.

I run into this all the time when i say "Yeah, i watch every one of Chris's videos". You may think he is an idiot but in the end he has a point, and if you can take the context of that point to heart....

so point is...i totally agree on the bathroom issue!!!! It really bugs me when i go out with my gay/trans/tranny friends and we just dont know where to go. When I feel like my best gay boys are really my girlf friends and sisters, not only do i want them to come into the girl's room like all my chick friends so we can chat, primp, pass the toilette paper and bitch about our bodies and faces (girl stuff people!) but i also feel a pang of guilt watching them walk into the mens restroom knowing some idiot is either going to go "Wrong bathroom" to them or worse yet put them in some sort of danger and im not even there to help them!

Then there is the times i am out with my transgender friends. It is painfully obvious to me. 98% of the time i reguard my trans friends as their preffered gender. It doesnt even cross my mind that someone who doesnt know them could tell that they were trans instead of say, female. They will stare at her in the bathroom, parents shoo their children along and even occasianally officials from the mall or whatever will ask her to which SHE must jump up and say "Im not a boy, im a woman!" it breaks my heart.

As one of my trans friends said, we really need more unisex bathrooms. that way we can all choose where we want to go. Women who only want women around can suclude can do the same, and me and three of my lgbt friends can all pile into the same bathroom because gender doesnt make a difference to us.

I sympathize with Chrissy...just because i have so many friends like him. Spastic, obnoxious, wonderful, bright, hurt, kind, bitchy, and full of wisdom hidden under flamboyance.