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Dear Sen. McCain

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Dear Sen. McCain,

I seriously thought you were going to go postal at the debate last night. You seemed to have mad love for Joe The Plumber, but you could not hide your contempt for Barack Obama.

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I am glad you didn't, but after many, many displays of your inability to control your anger, I am pretty damned sure that I don't want you anywhere near the White House phone at 3am or any other time.

During the debate you came off as petulant, angry and inflexible. I guess we shouldn't be too surprised about that. I mean your senate colleagues have been saying that you had anger management issues for years.

And that moment when you whined about how hurt you were that civil rights hero Rep. John Lewis called you and Sarah Palin out for stoking the fires of racism and xenophobia at their campaign events? Unbelievable.

Cry me a blanking river Sen. McCain!

I'm willing to wager pretty much every other African-American was hurt, offended and angered when you said how proud you were of the people who attended your campaign rallies even though some of them called for Sen. Obama to be killed and lynched.

Obama and the Noose

And, let's not forget your supporter carrying a stuffed monkey labeled "Obama:"

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You are indeed a mean one Sen. McCain and I pray that after so many months of your campaign my fellow Americans see you for what you are.


Michael "I'm Voting for 'That One' " Crawford

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You know, I would have watched the debate but I had something really important that I had to do, so I went to sleep instead.

No one's mind is going to be changed. People who are undecided will still be undecided, and the bigots will still vote for the cracker no matter what Obama says or does anyway since, well you know why already.

Palin is having too much fun playing demagoge to change her tactics now. I mean I bet she is feeling just so important and powerful at her ability to whip the bigots into a frenzy with a smirk and a wink.

Michael Crawford Michael Crawford | October 16, 2008 3:00 PM

The single most irresponsible thing that McCain has done during his campaign is nominate Palin as his running mate. She is completely unqualified and shows no interest in learning what she would need to know to be either VP or president.

McCain gambled with picking her and he lost.

I agree, Michael. As a member of the military, I respect JM, but his military thinking is old school and very dangerous in today's world. And he really solidified my decision to support Obama when he chose SP as my potential commander in chief. I don't care if she can see Russia from her front porch. I'm not confident she can order takeout, let alone military action.

Brynn Craffey Brynn Craffey | October 16, 2008 8:59 PM

He has got to be the angriest man who has ever run for the presidency.

As I said in a recent post, I think it's because it's sinking in that not only is he going to lose the seat that he, Mr. Privilege, believes rightly belongs to him, but he's going to be remembered in history as the first white man to "lose" the presidency to an African-American.

In the universe inhabited by these sick, authoritarian, white-supremacists who are increasingly dominating McCain’s rallies, to be so distinguished carries a particular ignominy. When you look at the ugly racism and hatred this race is generating, and McCain's unconcealed fury, I think this has to be factor.

He's the first nominee who really was 100% from the Limbaugh crowd. They don't fake their resentment, he and Sarah actually feel it.

Which is a step down from Bush, who is too lethargic to be resentful.

During the debate you came off as petulant, angry and inflexible.

An apt description of the entire campaign!

I am afraid that it will only get worse before it gets better. In Texas, Obama isnt even wasting his time or money to campaign much, because he knows there are areas of this state that are still Jim Crow, with just a patina of tolerance to hide the blemishes from outsiders.

What was scary to me was last weekend when I went to my niece's wedding in New Braunfels. All the McCain Palin yard signs I saw on the way to the house unnerved me. It really scared me, for I now openly wear my pentacle as a sign of my faith. Add that I am "one of them" and I really felt that I was behind enemy lines.

Hate and intolerance tends to be contagious, and easily spreads from one percieved enemy to another with hardly a word being said.