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Gay porn actor Mason Wyler raped

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Thanks to reader Jere for sending the link to this one. Adult film actor Mason Wyler was raped in late September by an Army officer who was also a fan of his. The details are available at the link above if you want to read about them.

If you're operating under the assumption that rape is taken seriously in this day and age, this case will disabuse you of that notion. First, the police aren't taking this seriously:

After being questioned by police - whom Wyler said accused him of bringing the assault on himself by making his living the way he does - Wyler and his boyfriend were taken to Parkland Hospital. It was just another indignity that the hospital Dallas County trusts to take care of indigents and crime victims charged him $100 for a rape kit and to examine his injuries.

What's up with these folks charging victims for their own rape kits?

The people who follow his site (I'm not one of them) were apparently skeptical as well:

"I can understand why people would think I had it coming to me and I deserved it," he said. "But I don't want people thinking I did this for attention. I love attention, but I didn't do this for attention. This was real."

And he changed a few details of the story when he first posted about it, which led some people to believe that the whole thing was made up: has since confirmed that an incident report was filed with the Dallas Police Department in respect of the events Wyler alleges, though the gay porn pup now admits to having modified certain aspects of the story he told on his blog to protect his privacy and that of his boyfriend with whom he is said to be in a committed relationship.

He made up details so that his fans wouldn't find out where he really lives. Gee, I wonder why he'd be concerned about that.

Male-on-male rape does happen:

According to the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network,[1] about 1 in every 10 rape victims is male in the United States, and about 2.78 million men have experienced an attempted or completed rape in their lifetime.

And that's people who actually come forward to talk about what happened to them. There are many men who are far too ashamed to do that.

Our country has a long way to go before we seriously start addressing this problem, but I'm glad that some people like Wyler are willing to come forward and talk about this.

Just because he's a sex worker doesn't mean that he deserves this.

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Thanks Alex,

I understand why some people might be skeptical of Wyler's claim, but I'm disappointed by the number of people who are putting the (alleged) victim on trial. This sort of behavior only reinforces the fear of reporting sexual violence.

For resources on the subject of male-on-male rape, people should look at Male Survivors and Just Detention International, which focuses on prison rape.

It's unfortunate that Wyler is engaging in the same BS type of thinking as those who think he deserved to be raped.

"I am so not what people think of as a porn star," he said. "I've never done drugs, never been to a gay event, never been to a pride event, never even been to a circuit party. I'm a big [World of Warcraft] player; a geek."

Thank god he's never been to a gay event. That changes everything! Wyler's allegations should most definitely be taken seriously and investigated, but he also needs to realize that being the "typical" porn star has nothing to do with whether or not he was deserving of this. No one is. Period.

Why am I even on this blog ? Buh Bye.

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | October 11, 2008 3:25 AM

I think the answer to that Mr. Merrill is that not every posting is for every person, but each day you will find interesting topics on Bilerico.

Good point Robert and I am focused on getting rights for married LGBT's, especially in California the hot seat. I thought the Bilerico experiment was about that. I can get all the latest porn news on Queerty. Please explain to me what the Bilerico experiment is ? Some people I admire and support contribute, but I still don't know what is the goal ? I have nothing against Porn stars as Michael Lucas interviewed me, but is there a blurry line about politics and who's rights have been violated ? Porn stars who get raped and "agressives" who don't identify as lesbians but as homosexual females as male rap figures are a few of the stories that have appeared on this blog. Just seems to me anything goes, and frankly, it speaks of provincial gay thinking, writers that are living with their grandparents in Indiana because they can't find a job.


If you don't understand the purpose of Bilerico, why not click that handy link right at the top of the blog labeled "About Us" where you'll find this description:
You'll find news and opinion on the Project from 50 different perspectives and backgrounds. You'll agree with some, disagree with others, and be somewhere in the middle with most. But wherever we're all coming from, we can bridge the geographic divides and have creative and productive conversations about issues important to the LGBT community.

So, while there has been no shortage of posts about California's Prop 8, there are a large number of other issues "important to the LGBT community" which get discussed here. Sorry if that's not what you're looking for, but resorting to making insults isn't the tone we tend to strive for at the Bilerico Project.

I wrote in and asked the editorial team if they would consider writing about the Wyler story because I've personally dealt with male-on-male sexual assault and in over 8 years, I've only seen a handful of people address the issue in a widely-read forum. My hope was that the Bilerico Project would help spread and support the discussion of queer rape, because TBP is the first site I check when I want thoughtful analysis of the issues in the news rather than just reposting from the mainstream media.

Thanks Jere
for putting me on to "About us". I had never read the purpose before and appreciate your pointing it out. I have been critized by Alex Blaze for my IRS tax protest actions and his being critical of the New York Blade for publishing my protest initiatives. What a little squirt, but hope he gets a job soon. I don't think he understands equal rights for gays in marriage. Your eclectic stories about rape make sense to me now.
Had no idea the blog was that democratic, open to all.


And if you'd like to write a guest post about your tax situation and the resultant protest, I'd be happy to look at it for publication.

Yes, we're that democratic. :)

The point of this site, even for those of us who don't live with their grandparents, was meant to bridge divides in the LGBT community by increasing communication between various factions. It was never meant to be "all prop 8 all the time" - if you want that, please check out California Ripple Effect.

I agree that there is something "provincial" about that project, as the idea started with three rubes in Indiana thinking that (a)perspectives of non-coastal queers are exceptionally underrepresented in gaystream media and (b)issues important to one group of queers will never become important to others unless unless they're presented with others.

The idea that we should just be talking about what pleases ourselves and never demonstrate curiosity in subjects we haven't already discussed, which may appeal to self-absorbed heirs, we thought was counter-productive to the larger goal of LGBTQ freedom.

Although the fact that a prominent member (to others, I had never heard of Wyler before) of the gay community can be raped in what appears to be a homophobic hate crime and some in that same community will hope that it doesn't get discussed and dismiss is as "porn news".... well, that proves that we still have a long way to go when it comes to either treating sex workers as full human beings or dealing with rape.

If your only single-minded purpose in life is gay marriage, why don't you stick to the HRC? Some of us have more than just one interest.

Everybody knows there is such a thing as sexual assault of males (remember the Keith Chester Hill case, in Baytown, Texas, recently). But Mason Wyler's story is so obviously an invented one.

Well, it does happen, it happened to me, when I was young, and still male. Of course, that would fall under child abuse, but it is still rape, just because my attacker was another boy and I think his brother.

(Being as good as I am at hiding things from myself, this was something that I conveniently made myself forget, along with being trans, up until I finally came out and had to deal with the hidden things. It is still something that I have not really explored to recover all the memories about because, well just because I do not think it was the only time, and it is not something I want to really dwell on since at this point it isn't important to know the details, just that it happened.)

Back then of course, my parents wouldn't have believed me, nor anyone else, and the culture made it easier to just bury and forget, rather than talk about it. That part of the culture really hasn't changed that much in the intervening years.

Of course if I were raped now, since I am a woman, it would be different for the most part. (though some might still blame me, since we All know, trannys ask for it.). Women are supposed to get raped. I mean it is just one of those things expected within the culture.

we have a mighty sick culture if you really think about it.

He also changed the outcome of the storyand the details of the crime, not only his personal information.

While the police hasn't been exactly sensitive, holding onto the assailant's wallet because Wyler believes that it wouldn't bear any results seems silly. Counterproductive to the investigation, in fact.

The whole shiftiness really reeks of sex work encounter gone wrong. It happens all the time; and while it still does not justify what he suffered,perhaps it would benefit him to be more forthcoming.

If that was the case, then being forthcoming might not be all that useful. It wasn't that long ago that a rapist who raped a sex worker was let off on "theft of services."

There are a million reasons to be skeptical of the police. In a situation when you're that skeptical, it's a really difficult decision to go to them or not.

And being skeptical will net you what, as opposed to the possibility of being let down should you cooperate with he investigation? Not turning in the wallet, which he claims he has (and is actually of great probatory value), would sink the investigation; turning it in at least opens up the chance of follow-up; which would you choose?

I'm well aware of problems with police; but, really, what gets to me is how he sensationalized a story in his blog, for everyone to see and be affected by, just to decide shortly afterwards "I'm gonna let it go." It screams reaction against scrutiny.

It's not that being skeptical gets you much, it's just that it's a reasonable response to an extreme situation. A lot of folks have PTSD around police, and their responses aren't necessarily going to be rational, that doesn't mean that their emotional response isn't reasonable. Especially when the police response is to say that being in porn leaves you to blame for any sexual assault against you.

Looking at things logically, if I were so skeptical of the police as to not participate with the investigation, I'd probably just not contact the police. But the message that you go to the police when your the victim of a crime is so strong that I might not do the logical thing either, especially when dealing with a trauma.

But he did file a charge with the police, which means he initially expected some result. He then backtracked.

I'm simply curious as to why he won't hand in the offender's wallet, which would clearly provide an ID.

Michael Crawford Michael Crawford | October 11, 2008 6:35 AM

Rape is taking as it should be in the U.S. and male-on-male rape is taken even less seriously.

Yeah, Wyler changed some of the details around his rape to protect the privacy of him and his boyfriend and I don't think he should be blamed for that. They had just been assaulted and were fearful about what could happen.

Asking people to pay for rape kits is just plain cruel.

More accurately, Wyler CLAIMS to have changed the story to protect himself and his boyfriend. I defy anyone except the most committed ideologue to read over Mason Wyler's blog and not find the whole story fishy.

It doesn't seem like it would be too hard to track down a screenname and e-mail address. Police regularly get access to IP information. By providing the e-mail address, AIM screenname and other online identifying information, the police should have been able to have all of the alleged perpetrator's information.

Male-on-male sexual assault is not an infrequent crime of violence, though it is seldom reported, and is grossly misunderstood both by law enforcement and the general public.
These crimes of violence do occur, though they frequently have more repercussions than female-victim sex crimes.
The Internet gives rise to more opportunity for these crimes to occur.
Both police and the public must learn more about these crimes.

Im certain this is a hoax, when i read his blog there was promotional porn pictures popping up next to the text - im reading about his rape ordeal and theres porn pictures popping up everywhere seriously this has to be bullshit .

Mark : The black eye injury photo of Mason Wyler was already proven to be a fake on the Silence of the Chincillas blog. They've also, amusingly, called Wyler the "Tawana Brawley of gay porn."

Really? You're certain?

I admit I don't have any real information to make any determination on myself, as no one has been linking to articles claiming this is a hoax. But my training leads me to deal with a claim of sexual assault as real unless I have a really solid reason to think the person is trying to abuse my trust.

The reason is simply that there is rarely anything lost from witholding judgment, and posting all around the internet that someone's rape isn't real is likely to cause some serious hurt if you're wrong. And with our society's tendency to blame victims, excuse sexual violence, etc, you'll deal with such claims almost regardless of the circumstances. For practically every friend I've had who has been raped or abused, there has been someone who said they made it up.

If you've got some solid reason to think this is a hoax, could you please share that? The presence of advertisements in his line of business is no real reason to doubt his statements. Do you really expect that someone who was just raped is going to spend an hour or so taking down all the ads and promotional pictures around their business blog in order to let story seem more believable? I doubt it. If those pictures are up before it happened, there's no reason to dismantle your business before going public with an experience of rape.

As it seems so many folks are so certain that this was a hoax, there very well might be a good reason. But not having seen any reason myself, I can't help but think that it's just as likely that people are being guided by their prejudices against someone in this line of business.

Society's tendency to blame victims doesn't mean some people are not going to make false claims about rape. The Tawana Brawley case, the Duke lacrosse case, and- probably- this Mason Wyler case. It's just as dangerous to automatically believe any claim of rape without question. That's too much like the Salem witch trials. Cooler heads must always prevail, and know a claim might be true and might not be.

It's useful to make the distinction of believing a rape victim for the purposes of punishing the perpetrator -- we do have a justice system to help with that, I don't often feel the need to inject myself into it -- and believing a rape victim for the purpose of providing support. While understanding that you'll often not be provided with enough information to make a firm determination, you'll always have to decide if your going to show open skepticism in front of a person claiming to be raped and focus on getting the real story, or focus on providing a sympathetic ear. The former can cost a lot to victims, whereas the latter rarely costs anything but my time and sympathy.

When dealing with the issue of providing support, which I see this blog post as a part of, I think it's appropriate to automatically believe someone until there's a good reason not to. The link you show has a lot of compelling information, but what I was responding to was mark's comment that what convinced him it was a hoax was the presence of sexual images on his blog.

The expectation that Wyler should dismantle his business before announcing that he had been raped seems like a very prejudicial expectation of sex workers and very much reminds me of the content of the recent post, Sluts Still Get to Say No.

I can see other reasons why someone might be skeptical, but that one reason given to be skeptical seems to just go along with the "if you do sex work then you deserve to be raped" thing.

"It's useful to make the distinction of believing a rape victim for the purposes of punishing the perpetrator -- we do have a justice system to help with that, I don't often feel the need to inject myself into it -- and believing a rape victim for the purpose of providing support."

I second that sentiment, Tobi.

Anthony in Nashville | October 21, 2008 10:34 AM

Although a lot of the commotion has died down, it seems that Wyler's injuries were the result of a hookup/fantasy scenario that went badly or an attempt at gaining publicity.

This guy fantasizes about getting publically raped at the bar's bathroom in his previous blog.

As for getting forced to drink piss??? I've got to laugh about it. He made a bareback porn on featuring him drinking piss in front of camera. Don't believe me? Try visiting this link He swallow stranger's cum on camera, too. This guy likes kinky sex and invites strangers into his home for sex all the time. He can get away for only so long. One day he'll be HIV+ and still be doing it before he finds out about his status.

Raped? I think he rather likes it.

No one wants to be raped, Jay, that's what makes it rape. Being a porn star doesn't mean that he gave up his freedom of choice.

But my god, your argument is idiotic. Do you know the difference between fantasy and reality? Do you know that those actors, in their movies, are doing just that, acting? And when the cameras stop, they still have the right to choose to have sex or not?

As much as you'd like to think that those porn movies are an accurate portrayal of reality, they're not. But, hey, I'll let you live in your fantasy land, just like I let this 3-year-old I babysat believe Barney was real.

I just find it odd how quick people were to be nasty and work so hard to discredit Wyler's story.
What is their problem? It seems some gay men have a lot of anger directed at gay porn actors.

It's a post on a person's blog not International news. Although I don't support false reports, the nasty tone of the comments that didn't believe the guy were over the top. True or not the guy seems to have some problems. I just don't understand the hate gay men are so quick to direct at other gay men. Male rape does exist. Even if it was a "scene gone wrong" it is unfortunate and deserves some kindness.

Oh, and I have seen black eyes that didn't discolor until hours later.

Gay men don't hate gay porn actors any more than straight people hate straight porn actors.

My belief is some male models and porn actors are nice to look at, but look closer, and they're as shady and snake-like as the porn industry itself.

Not to mention most "gay" porn actors are in fact bisexual or heterosexual during their career in gay porn, and are nothing more than the "ex-gay" posterboys of tomorrow.

I don't think many gay people are too thrilled that a straight person with kids and a wife can fuck around with men on camera for pay, then shows up representing the "ex-gays" years later (for pay), when they're at a point when they're used-up, drugged out and sexually worthless.

We learn from examples like Matt "Touched by an Anal" Sanchez, AKA Rod Majors.

This guy is a whore and deserves no respect. Even if rape in any form is despicable, I don't believe this whore was raped. I mean, what's he doing with a army officer when he's supposed to be in a committed relationship. This is simply and utterly digusting.

galefan2004 | June 8, 2009 4:09 PM

I don't hate gay porn actors. Its quite the contrary. I love Tommy D and Cody Cummings. I love a lot of guys that do European BB porn. However, I HATE Mason Wyler. I don't hate him because he does porn. I hate him because he champions things like being a whore and a bare back cum dump and thinks that its cool. I hate him because he helps to develop those stereotypes of the gay community that the Sunday pulpit bully loves to espouse. I hate him because he doesn't live up to his talk in his actual videos. He is simply not that good of an actor. His videos are simply not that hot, and when they are hot its because the partner is overly hot not because Mason is hot in any way. Most of all, I hate him because he thinks that being raped by a military officer is a publicity stunt. I think he just offended DADT, rape victims, and the gay population as a whole with that stunt. Seriously, we didn't need a reason for people to look at DADT and say it was acceptable, but this provided us with one. Every champion of DADT claims that if you let gays in they will rape other boys, and well this pretty much "proves" that hypothesis. I think the biggest thing I hate about Wyler is he just doesn't think before he does something stupid.

He's a self professed slut, but he's an even bigger media whore.

john giblin | October 13, 2010 1:03 PM

please remember rape is not a sex thing but rather a control / power issue - mason wyler did not want to have sex with a fan - he was forced therfore he was raped - plain and simple - he's a human being please do not objectify him -