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Gay robocallers do a bad impression of LGBT rights groups

Filed By Alex Blaze | October 29, 2008 3:00 PM | comments

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Oh, yeah, they're going there in South Carolina. State senate candidate Mick Mulvaney (R, no surprise) launched these calls against his opponent Mandy Powers Norrell.

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They can't even muster a good parody - a gay rights group wouldn't talk about "homosexual unions."

Another one, from the "Homosexual lobby" itself, was used in 2007 in Kentucky. Because, you know, that's the word we all use to describe the movement, not at all a phrase made up my the right to demonize us.

Then again, we aren't exactly dealing with the Brain Trust here.

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Mick Mulvaney is a champion of Freedom. At a recent school play, he encouraged children as young as 6 to engage is public displays of Thespianism.

It's not been covered by the media, but at a recent state banquet, he and many others there engaged in open and unconcealed public mastication.

He has also strongly supported a little-known law that will allow him or anyone else to castigate his political opponents without fear of prosecution, claiming it as a Civil Right.

So vote for him, or you could be next.

It may be crude but it will work. Mainly because the sophistication of the person hearing it is such that they don't know if an "Alliance for the Advancement of Gays and Lesbians" exists - it doesn't, or that no self-respecting gay person would say "homosexual union" - since the called person likely might.

I was really under the impression that these calls should be more blatantly scary than this.

Where are the teaching children about homosexuality, and the destruction of religion stuff? Shouldn't the voice be really threatening and in this case feminine as well?

So the call is a fake? Then I hope it's big news in South Carolina and whoever paid for the call goes to jail for false advertising.