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I'm fundraising for the Log Cabin Republicans

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The Log Cabin Republicans just sent out an email asking for money, and their pitch is interesting: gays really don't like them right now, so please donate. As evidence, they quote yours truly:

Gay conservatives "support those who would throw us all in prison."
- Alex Blaze, Oct. 21st, writing for the popular LGBT website the Bilerico Project

I'm surprised that they picked that quotation, since I've said worse about them, and there are others who've said even worse. And it's really not all that mean, considering that (besides the hyperbole of "all," which a week later I'm willing to say should be "some") I've already written extensively about how conservatives see overturning Lawrence as one of their movement's eventual goals.

But they did call TBP "popular," and the only thing better than being popular is being thought of as popular.

Full text of the email after the jump.

As we enter the election's homestretch, gay and lesbian Republicans have come under intense fire from the gay community for daring to speak our minds about this campaign. Instead of arguing the merits of their candidate, too many on the left resort to name calling. Emotion replaces fact. Name calling replaces logic. In this case, those we often hear speaking about tolerance sound awfully intolerant. We need your help today to stand up to the voices of intolerance wherever we find them.

Despite having the most pro-gay GOP presidential nominee in American history, we are attacked from the gay left.

Despite an historic Q&A Sen. McCain did with the Washington Blade, a gay publication, we are attacked from the gay left.

Despite a campaign and a candidate who has reached out and asked for LGBT votes like no other Republican nominee before, we are attacked from the gay left.

Just check out a tiny sampling of the senseless inaccuracies filling the pages of popular, mainstream LGBT blogs and websites:

Gay conservatives "support those who would throw us all in prison."
- Alex Blaze, Oct. 21st, writing for the popular LGBT website the Bilerico Project

[Log Cabin Republicans'] "suicidal tendency to help a party that despises them is the pink elephant in the room."
- Popular gay writer Wayne Besen, in a Sept. 19th column for the Huffington Post titled "Log Cabin Republicans Should Disband"

"Gay Republicans? What about Jews for Hitler? or Blacks for the KKK?"
- Typical comment posted to the

It doesn't stop there. The e-mails we receive usually include the same tired stereotypes about gay and lesbian Republicans. Rarely do we receive a thoughtful analysis or critique of our work.

"It must be so painful to bear that much self-hatred, to be so ashamed of your sexuality that you would willingly sacrifice your rights in order to fit in with that...Republican party."

"Do you folks ever vote based on anything but your wallets?"

"F___ you a__holes. You make me sick and embarrassed that you are gay. You should be ashamed of yourself."

Noted gay conservative writer Dale Carpenter said it best: "It's the worst vitriol against gay conservatives I've seen in fifteen years in this movement."

I don't have to share more of these mindless rants with you because you've probably experienced it yourself. But it's getting worse by the day and we need your help to stand up to the voices of intolerance.

Whatever you can contribute--$25, $50, $100, or more--will help us fight back against the divisive rhetoric from the gay left.

Angry and vicious people on the Left are trying to silence our voices because we dare to speak out as Republicans. Will you be silenced?

With gratitude,

Patrick J. Sammon

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wow, Alex, you have arrived!

very generous of you to reprint their entire fundraising pitch after they've identified you as the enemy... I wonder how much Bilerico readers will send them?

you know me, always willing to help raise money for a gay org.

Alex, this sounds like something the late, great George Carlin might have written......terrific satire.

Nearly all of us have met intolerance, and it looks a lot like Dale Carpenter.

Congrats, Alex! Nice to know you're rising up in the 'popularity' scale!

Brynn Craffey Brynn Craffey | October 27, 2008 5:37 PM

"Hello, my name is Brynn. And I'm a vicious person on the Left."

Ha! If only it were true, I'd rather be vicious than so delusional I'd vote Republican as a gay person any day.

But let's get real. You'd think Republicans would recognize "vicious," since they do it so well. Believe me, what liberals are doing in this campaign ain't it.

Conservatives are revealing themselves to be quintessential whiners. Since I became old enough to vote, Republicans have held the presidency 24 of the 36 years. That's a margin of two to one. Yet when it looks like they're going to lose one election after what objective viewers are dubbing the "worst" presidency in the history of the nation, and suddenly, voters--no, "the Left"--is trying to silence them.


indeed, it's interesting how they look past the viciousness of of rush limbaugh and michael savage and marilyn musgrave and use us on the left as a fundraiser.

But they're republicans, and the one thing they tend to understand is loyalty to other republicans.

Yesterday I was visiting with a conservative gay man I've known for years, and I heard him echoing all the McCain McCrap ("redistributing wealth," "palling around with terrorists" and on and on).

Do you suppose the LCRs might have a word with the people in the Republican Party who are still promoting this old Rovian way of campaigning?

Never mind identity issues, maybe talk about right and wrong?

It reminds me of that song, Alex, you're nobody, until some right-wing body, loves you.

I imagine Father Tony's column will be inundated with deep dark secrets that must be discussed.

Congratulations, Alex! I'm so jealous! I want rightwing nutjob attention too! I remember when you were just starting out and only getting linked by Oh those days...

But I thought the quote was supposed to be, "the only thing better than being popular is being pretty."

oh, bil, that one in the post is an alex blaze original.

too bad doesn't link anymore. Their site is, like, part of the history of the internet.

Actually, they just linked Waymon a couple of weeks ago. Apparently you've been tossed over for the new meat, my friend.

The Log Cabins are nothing, why do you think you are just because they mentioned you ?

Alex, I'm brimming with envy. LCRs are despicable, self-loathing creatures. I've attacked them numerous times, but never ended up in a fundraising appeal.


behindTheCurtain | October 27, 2008 10:57 PM

The Log Cabin Republicans seem to live a paradox, but so have many others in the past. The conflicts need to be overcome. The disease that America faces is that we're now divided in the face of three wars (Afghan, Iraq, and 'international terrorism'), an economic meltdown, horrible partisanship, and the terrific embarrassment of being lied to consistently by the current administration in DC-- both the legislative and executive branches.

Do you want to heal, or does picking the wounds feel good? Depressives love to hang on to their canards. It's time to take the medicine and heal the hate. Soon, the madness of marginalizing attitudes and the American Taliban will be put back into their minority perspective from where they came. Nonetheless, in a free democracy, they're entitled to their opinions, not their facts. And I'm entitled to withhold my funding for them, too.

Two wrongs don't make a right. Don't stoop to their level; all of us, no matter from where, deserve basic human respect. Liberals can fight conservatives, but don't need to dehumanize them or render them to something less than what they are: people, with feelings.

beachcomberT | October 28, 2008 6:25 AM

If the Log Cabin Republicans were truly conservative, they would be supporting Libertarian candidate Bob Barr, who wants government to leave the LGBT community alone and let them have equal rights. Barr sponsored DOMA but now repents and wants the act repealed. He is also for reining in gov't spending, while McCain talks about further tax cuts even though the nat'l debt has doubled to $10 trillion under Bush's watch. No, LCR backs McCain on the longshot chance he'll win and award them a few patronage plums down there in old D.C. Just what we need, more "mainstreamed" gays serving as handmaidens to rulers to make sure ENDA, the Matthew Shepard Act and other pro-gay bills remain bottled up in a stalemated Congress.

I have tried on numerous occasions to call the log cabin republicans to find out their position on Trans inclusion.I've left my phone number and a message detailing that I was seeking their position from them so I could make an informed decision as to wether I'd comment in the positive or negative about them or even support them.They never called me back and I didn't see anything on their site or in their words to say they support the T.I do not see them as a tolerant organization or even as a good representation of the lgbt and lump them with hrc.Given Palin's church track record and political track record on lgbt rights why would I support a McCain Palin ticket? Even removing the lgbt stuff from McCain Palin and just reviewing the politics they practice I could never vote for them.Congratulations on being seen as important enough to be quoted Alex I just wish they saw me as important enough to call back.

Michael Crawford Michael Crawford | October 28, 2008 8:45 AM

I am green with envy. I have smacked LCR upside the head numerous times for sucking up to the GOP and doing little to advance LGBT equality and all I got was a mention in a post on their blog.

Whereas you Alex, get quoted in a fundraising appeal. I have to step up the rhetoric if I am going to be able to hang with the cool kids like you.

Does it strike anyone else as lame that they spend more time attacking LGBT progressives than they do touting their work or their endorsed presidential candidate?

Have you noticed how all of the anti-Log Cabin websites and authors are described as "popular?"

Do you suppose that this is part of WHY they are popular?

I have been checking on the website of California's Secretary of State to see what organizations give what and how much to NoOnProp8. HRC and NGLTF have come through with huge donations. So far, the Cabinettes haven't given squat.

The Log Cabin's position is to keep You(and Me)hidden and in back rooms for their enjoyment! they would not want the "Gay or Straight community to see them with one of us trans.people.
Congratulations Alex on being declared an enemy and used as a fund raiser!

"too bad doesn't link anymore. Their site is, like, part of the history of the internet.:

as Bilerico will be some day....