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I'm The Sidekick John McCain

Filed By Monica Roberts | October 31, 2008 10:00 AM | comments

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It's been a while since I've done a song rewrite for you Projectors!

wiz of oz_scarecrow.jpgGot inspired to do one for you after hearing Republicans attack Barack's Harvard education and pondered how hypocritical that was.

So now, just in time for Election 2008, sung to the tune of the Wizard of Oz's 'If I Only Had a Brain' is my salute to the GOP presidential nominee.

I'm The Sidekick John McCain
(sung to the tune of 'If I Only Had A Brain')
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I survived prison cell trauma
Not eloquent as Obama
And crashed too many planes
My scholastic record's spotty
And my attitude is snotty
'Cause I'm the sidekick John McCain

I stepped out on my first honey
For Cindy's Budweiser money
For that I have no shame
I'm conservative as can be
Supported the Bush policies
'Cause I'm the sidekick John McCain

My campaign is grossly failing
'Cause I selected Sarah Palin
For my VP running mate
I don't know economics
And my temper is atomic
'Cause I'm the sidekick John McCain

In this critical election
I expect massive rejection
'Cause Bush and I are the same
The working class gets slammed
And I want to bomb Iran
'Cause I'm the sidekick John McCain

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Now you simply need someone with a singing voice (unless you have one) and a karaoke machine to sing it for you...plaster that bad boy all over You Tube! You'd be a You Tube sensation 'you betcha!'

If Alex posts the new article I sent him, you'll get to see my rewrite of a well known TV theme song.

@Monica...have I told you that I adore you? This one just cracked me the hell up. I need to print out the words...