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Is Sarah Palin George Bush in Drag?

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I don't mean to offend drag queens when I ask that question, but look at this video from Progress Accountability and see for yourself.

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So many of the catch phrases, talking points and stale ideas spouted by Palin in her debate with Joe Biden sound as they were coming from Bush's lips. Or, more accurately, the poisonous pens of the same Rovian spin doctors who fooled the American public into voting for Bush. Except now their cynicism and political manipulation is gussied up in a shiny coat of bright red lipstick and a beauty queen's sash.

Compare statements by the Bush and Palin on partisan politics:


Palin Said She's Known For Putting Partisan Politics Aside. During the 2008 vice presidential debate, Governor Palin said, We're known for putting partisan politics aside to just get the job done." [Vice Presidential Debate, 10/2/08]


Bush Said Partisanship Needs To Be Put Aside. During the third presidential debate in 2000, Governor Bush said, In order to get something done on behalf of the people, you have to put partisanship aside, and that's what we did in my state. [Commission on Presidential Debates, 10/17/00]

No one who survived the Bush reign of error should believe Palin's hollow and cynical remarks about "putting partisan politics aside" particularly when nearly 100% of McCain's ad spending is devoted to attacking Obama.

Sarah Palin may be almost completely unqualified to be Vice-President, but she has proven herself to be adept at one thing: the willingness to manipulate, spin and lie to satiate her hunger for political power. George Bush was equally skilled. And, as progressives, we stood by laughing at his inability to string together a coherent thought that amounted to more than "USA! USA! USA!" while Rove charted his dark path to the White House.

We can't make that mistake again.

John McCain is a 72 year old man with a history of melanoma and a stubborn unwillingness to share his medical records with the public. If McCain is elected president, he would be the oldest president in our history to be beginning his first term. If he were to die in office, or for some reason be unable to complete his full term, Sarah Palin would become president.

Is Sarah Palin, aka George Bush in drag and with less experience, the person you would want running the country?

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I'd noted the same. They have Palin trained to spout Bushisms. Check.

She has the same ape-like facial expressions and goofy manners. Check.

She has the same lack of original thoughts and the same inability to think on her feet. Check.

She wears less makeup than Bush, however, but still more than your average DQ or street whore.

The contempt that the Palin nomination shows the US - that the GOP really does not care whether the White House is occupied by people of any competence whatsoever, if its not politically expedient - is insane. As a citizen of this country, I am insulted that a major party could even think Sarah Palin should be a heartbeat away from, the Presidency. Can you imagine Sarah Palin across a table from Vladimir Putin? He'd eat her lunch, and her kids, too.


Sarah Palin is not George Bush in drag. To say so is to imply that Sarah Palin is a man portraying a woman - possibly a parody or caricature of a woman.

Sarah Palin is a female version of George Bush. She is about as experienced and opportunistic. She has many of the same views - some which are her own, and some which have been handed to her.

McCain was not close enough to Bush, so the GOP found someone else to be him.

You can't have it both ways. If she's Bush in drag then she's got 8 years of experience as president. If she's not experienced, then she isn't Bush in drag -- just another neocon recycling Bush's failed ideas.

But of course that's the point you're trying to make anyway. It's just fun to attach the "ridiculous" idea of Bush in a dress to further paint the situation as absurd.

No, I'm not really mad, regardless of how my sarcasm might seem. This looks like just a flippant and slightly offensive comment. But you should know that despite your suggestion above the cut this slightly offensive metaphor is in no way mitigated by the fact that the metaphor is apt.

Michael Crawford Michael Crawford | October 5, 2008 7:21 PM

Actually I was comparing Palin to Bush in 2000 before he became president. They have the same lack of intellectual curiosity, the same unwarranted hubris and the same inability to inability to communicate a coherent thought that is not on cue cards.

Bill Perdue Bill Perdue | October 5, 2008 6:29 PM

What an original concept.

Oh, she's worse than a female George Bush.

She's a female Ronald Reagan.

Couldn't agree with you more, except that drag queens (best friends but not of the same ilk) should be totally outraged at her performance. She's an embarassment to both communities, female and drag!
The bigger problem is the govt's formation of "Civilian Crowd Control" groups, called CCMERFS or (sea-merfs for short). This is a VERY SCARY DEVELOPMENT. They have tanks, guns, ballistic weapons, all WITH REAL AMMO, to control what they expect are justifiable runs on banks and other financial institutions here in the US much like Argentina. Folks, we are a new neo-nazi phase (just listen to Democracy Now--I am NOT making this shit up!).
Your friend behind the Redwood Curtain--like that will be any protection against tank armor penetrating bazookas or flame throwers.....

Oh yea, she is bushes baby. Another lying wolf in stilettos. Shakes ass and comes out leading with deceit. Shes strong, I give her that, and that's the fear of our nation is the ignorant lonely folksy people that feel the kindred to her David Koresh ways.

I have to say, calling her Bush in drag is not only insulting to drag queens, but Bush too. I never thought I'd see anyone I wanted to be President less than BushCo, but she's it!