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It was like Christmas Morning!

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I had requested my absentee ballot one day before requesting one for my partner. I figured, two different last names and the same Florida and Thailand address coming from the same email address at the same time were, well, too much of the same.

It is sad when you have to plan your life around homophobia. I really thought that if they went in on the same day somehow they would be delayed, denied, or disenfranchised. I want to vote in Florida and am going to keep trying to at every election in the future by absentee. I probably won't be able to, but I will try. Our Electoral College system ensures that an expatriate voter is really a disenfranchised voter. We are in the grand total of votes, but none of our votes are cast by the electors who choose the president and vice president. We will not have any weight once our house in Florida has sold.

Of course, his arrived first and mine arrived three days later- by the point where I had given up all hope. My partner and I (of 32 years next Sunday) have usually agreed completely on politics, but not this year. He took a dislike to Obama, but more importantly he has empathy toward McCain. My partner flew Jet interceptors in the Air Force and had cross trained with the Navy. He has great personal respect for the ability of anyone to take off and land from an aircraft carrier.

My partner also was his squadron's flight commander, base safety officer and flight instructor of last resort for all the guys who would otherwise "wash out." He is particularly proud of never having had one of his students fail to become a jet interceptor pilot. He turned 79 years old last July and said to me: "I have to vote for McCain, I just don't trust Obama."

I have made a specialty of getting my way- and I do it without making a fuss about it. I just waited until there was a ballot to vote on before I revisited the topic.

"He is 72, a multiple cancer survivor, he would be the oldest man ever sworn in as president and would be older than you are, in his last year of the most difficult job in the world, if he survives. If he doesn't survive it will be the Palin woman! Do you think she is more qualified than Joe Biden?"

"Well, then I won't vote at all."

"You have got to vote against Amendment 2!"

"OK, you fill them out and I'll sign mine."

"Voting FOR Obama?"


He doesn't wear defeat that well, but I am evidently more deadly than a Russian bomber.

And so it was done and in Monday's mail before he could change his mind. I have never felt more like a combination of Lucy Ricardo and Michael Moore- two straight Democratic ticket votes and two "No's" on Amendment 2. All that and I threw out all the judges!

Maybe I am more powerful than a Russian bomber.

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I am so glad you are voting absentee in Florida, Robert! We need every single vote we can get to defeat Amendment 2.

And good job on convincing your hubby to vote for real change with Obama!

Thanks for making sure people knew about the expatriate voter problem. I'm not sure too many people realize that those votes don't effect the Electoral College.