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There is one week left. I can't believe that it is finally here.

In the last seven days there is only one thing that matters in winning or losing an election - talking to voters.

All of the commercials are cut and ordered. All of the mail has gone to the printer, all of the phone calls have been ordered and all the messages are being recorded.

In the final week the only thing that matters is the volunteers. The only thing that can adapt at this point and deal with any last minute thing that comes up is the volunteer plan. And that's where you come in.

In 2000, Gore lost the state of Florida, officially, by 537 votes. To put that in a bit of perspective, 6 volunteers talking to voters for 3 hours can cover 537 calls. 18 volunteer hours could have made the difference in that race.

If you live in one of the swing states, it is time to get over ourselves and walk into a campaign office and get involved. I honestly don't care if you don't like making phone calls, don't like knocking on doors, or if you think you are too busy. Get over it, get into an office and help. GOTV weekend is the easiest volunteering you can do in politics. The houses are friendly, the messages are easy - go vote, and your work has the most impact. The last four days are about talking to the people that have already told us who they are voting for and making sure they get there. Sometimes it's about helping an older person get a ride to the polls. Some of the calls are about helping a first time voter figure out where they need to go. Many times the calls or door knocks are simply "Oh you bet I'm voting."

This is no longer about "Change We Can Believe In." It is now time for "Change We Have Earned." It's time to put actions to words. If you have volunteered before, awesome, do it again. If you have given money - that's great but there is no longer time to spend more money - they need your help.

If you do not live in a swing state as far as presidential goes, there is still important work to be done. The Democrats are within striking distance of a filibuster proof majority. There are competitive House races all over the country. There are ballot initiatives on marriage in 4 states and other important issues in many more. If you need to know where to go to help, just post a comment here and we'll find you an important race where you can make a difference.

I have an idea. If you have never volunteered on a campaign before - this is a perfect time to try. Saturday Night/Sunday AM is the end of daylight savings time. We get a free hour this weekend to sleep, party, work, whatever. So, sometime in this weekend pay that hour back and go volunteer. Just for an hour. That's it, an hour.

It's time to close this deal and end not only right-wing control of the White House, but possibly right-wing control of our country. Obama as President, 60 seats in the Senate, defeated amendments, and rejections of people like Michelle Bachmann - there is a wave coming. It's time to help build it and then ride it.

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TX Grrl -

Please don't post entire article(s!) in the comments section. It's tacky. Your comment is three times longer than the original post.

If you have something to say, say it yourself. Relying on others to speak for you is not a good way to influence anyone. Instead, build your own argument and use (small) quotes from other articles to back up your case.

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In the final week the only thing that matters is the volunteers. The only thing that can adapt at this point and deal with any last minute thing that comes up is the volunteer plan.

As a veteran of many campaigns, this is some of the truest wisdom I've seen shared this cycle. Amen, Bo!