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John McCain and The Grinch: Separated at Birth?

Filed By Michael Crawford | October 10, 2008 10:00 AM | comments

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That is the question that popped into my mind this morning while reading yet another story about the gutter style politics of John McCain. You remember The Grinch, right? He was dead set on stopping The Whos from celebrating Christmas.

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Let's look at the evidence after the jump...

1. The Grinch, as you may recall, tried to kill the spirit of The Whos by stealing their Christmas presents and destroying their decorations.

McCain is trying the desire of the American people for serious political change by unleashing a wave of negative attack ads. McCain and the RNC spent $11 million on ads attacking Barack Obama between September 28th and October 4th.

Nearly every TV ad Republican John McCain ran last week was negative, compared to just 34 percent of those by Democrat Barack Obama, according to an analysis released Wednesday.

The harsher tone in McCain's ads mirrors the sharper attacks he and his running mate Sarah Palin have been making on the campaign trail as polls show Obama opening up a lead.

And, as Waymon pointed out, McCain and Sarah Palin are engaging in rhetoric that is inciting anger, hate and threats of violence.

2. The Grinch wore a permanent mask of bitterness and contempt because his heart was two sizes too small.

Here's John McCain at the presidential debate on October 7th:

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3. The Grinch had the nasty habit of raging against anything that smacked of joy, tolerance and community celebration.

McCain, in attack ads, speeches and interviews, has repeatedly made sarcastic reference to Barack Obama's message of hope and progress and the desire of many Americans for political change.

But, unlike The Grinch who sneered at The Whos to their faces, McCain doesn't have the courage to look Obama in the eyes while talking his trash.

Of course, this comparison isn't 100% conclusive, but you have to admit that the parallels are striking.

You're a mean one Sen. McCain....

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So Senator John McGrinch, hey? There are similarities. Although we prefer to think of the senator and his Mavericky sidekick as John Quixote and Sancho Palin tilting at the windy-mills of the right wing set. (with apologies to Cervantes) We look at these two and we have to ask, what are they so angry about? Are we the only ones who see Obama as the candidate of positive, uplifting, hopeful change and not the sourpuss, negative, gloom and doom slate? Good God we've had eight F&%$ing years of Bush's incompetence. Just looking forward to 1/20/09 makes us dance.

PS Congratulations to GLAD, Loves Makes A Family, and Family Equality Council for the victory in Connecticut! Now that's happy news!

Too funny. The similarities are eerie... has Dr. Seuss's heir's threatened McCain with action for copyright violation?