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Laughing Out Loud With W

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If the economy's got you down, you need to go see the new Oliver Stone movie, "W." Josh Brolin plays a dead on George Bush and the portrayals of Cheney, Rice, Powell, Rove, and Rumsfeld are just to good to be true. I had several moments where I was laughing uncontrollably. And the best part is that George Bush really says and does these things.

bush.jpgBut if you're looking for an all out attack on Bush's character, this isn't the movie for you. Oliver Stone portrays George W. Bush as a very empathetic character who honestly believes that he's doing right by the country. After watching the film, I had to ask myself if Bush really believes that he was called by God to be the president. Of course the God I worship wouldn't call someone to be a lying, murdering, thief. My God is loving. But Stone is presenting George Bush from W's own point of view. And in Bush's mind, he really has been born again and called to lead the American people.

One of the things that surprised me about the film is the portrayal of W and Laura Bush's relationship. Laura Bush is presented as completely supportive of her husband, even though rumor has had it for years now that she has moved out of the White House because she's tired of Bush's drinking.

But enough of my opinion about the show. Here's Oliver Stone on "The Colbert Report" giving an awesome deadpan summary of the movie.

And here he is with Bill Maher explaining why he only covered Bush's first term in the movie.

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The timing of the movie couldn't be better - we're just a few weeks from the election. And "W" is a nice break from pigs, lipstick, and six-pack drinking plumbers. So if you're looking for a good date movie, or you just need a few belly laughs, "W" is a great pick. Just be sure to smuggle in your own popcorn since tickets are so expensive these days.

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So do you think by next year it'll be dusty and not relevant - doomed for the low budget cheapie bins in Wal-Marts and drugstores nationwide?

We saw the movie today. What struck me was that they portrayed George as having some insight as to his mediocrity. I wonder if he really has that much self-awareness?

Now that I think of it, the movie sort of reminded me of "Nixon" - here, George is constantly trying to please his father and gain his praise.

Josh Brolin did a great job. And I really enjoyed watching Richard Dreyfuss' portrayal of Dick Cheney. It's worth a watch.

I saw it. Dreyfuss as Cheney: Scary enough for an Oscar. Overall, I'd have to agree with the comparison to the Nixon movie.

One irrelevant thing I was curious about was the setting for the baseball stadium scenes. It really looked as if they actually were in old Arlington Stadium, which was torn down ages ago.

I wanted to see this movie so badly this weekend but could not manage to talk the unhusband into seeing it. Even though I am told this is a very mild treatment of the man, I am hoping that it will be revelatory. I believe that it will be decades before we know the truth of the horrors that he actually committed.

Josh Brolin did a convincing Dubya, though he reminded me a lot of his cowboy character from No Country for Old Men... over all, i don't doubt that 'W.' will have the effect Oliver Stone desired