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Let's Be Honest: Prop. 8 Will Hurt Families

Filed By Michael Crawford | October 16, 2008 3:00 PM | comments

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In 19 days voters in California will vote on whether or not to strip marriage rights away from same-sex couples. One of the most critical things that we can being doing now, besides contributing to No on Prop. 8, is talking to friends and family in California about just how much passage of this divisive amendment will hurt LGBT people and our families.

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The Gay and Lesbian Medical Association (GLMA) has compiled some fantastic resources that can help you talk to your California-based loved ones which you can find after the jump.

The health and well-being of LGBT people and their families is affected by the right to marry and by the denial of that right:

* Access to health insurance through a spouse is an important component of obtaining quality healthcare
* Research indicates, at least for heterosexuals, that being married can contribute to overall health and longevity
* Hospital visitation and decision making rights conferred by marriage are important to the quality of care
* Children of LGBT parents benefit when their families are respected and accorded legal protections

GLMA endorses full and complete marriage equality for gay male and lesbian couples and opposes all legislative and ballot initiatives, state and federal, that would prevent or end marriage equality.

You can read and share the new Same-Sex Marriage and Health Report which includes a wealth of research on the issue.

If you are a medical professional, click to learn what you can do to support healthy LGBT families.

By visiting the GLMA website, you will also find information on what the medical community thinks about marriage equality.

At this point in the battle to defend marriage equality the anti-gay forces have raised millions of dollars more than our side. The Mormon Church has flooded the state with hate-filled messages and contributions. If we lose in California, it will be an undeniable setback for our fight for full and equal treatment under the law.

Whether you have given already or haven't given yet, please make a contribution to defend marriage for same-sex couples and do it now.

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Those of us who got married in California since July will not have our rights striped away by Prop 8. Prop 8 is not retroactive. Only a couple of weeks left guys to make it legal. Fly in from out of state and get married then go back to Indiana, with an "in your face" homo-hoosier attitude.

You hope so, Charles. Jerry Brown thinks the marriages will not be voided, but the final word is not up to him.

oh, and this post should be sent to future President Obama.

Maybe he will find the words to use to encourage voters in CA (and elsewhere) to defeat amendments that hurt families...if he doesn't find it too controversial, that is.

Wouldn't want him to go overboard.

Brown is the Attorney General in the State of California. The potential effect of Proposition 8 on existing same-sex marriages is already being debated among legal scholars and opposing sides in the Nov. 4 ballot measure campaign. Brown's position is significant because his office will represent the state in lawsuits over Prop. 8's validity and meaning if it passes.

Thanks for covering the GLMA story, Michael. I wanted to, but didn't have the time.

Bill Perdue Bill Perdue | October 17, 2008 5:10 PM

Thanks Michael. We all need to remember that bigotry takes a terrible toll in terms of promoting self destructive behavior like drug, alcohol and tobacco use and unsafe sex practices. Then the problem is compounded when bigots vote against the specific programs needed by the LGBT communities to combat bigotry, like ENDA, the hate crimes bill and a massive campaign to educate about HIV.

The situation will only get worse now that the Bush-Obama $700 billion dollar gift to the rich will insure that we won't be seeing the kind of programs we need for decades.

Every time Biden, who voted for DOMA and DADT, or Obama, who says his bigotry is motivated by his belief in superstition - "god's in the mix", spout their prejudiced opposition to same sex marriage we should demand that they return the tens of millions they're raised in California so we can use it to offset the damage they cause. The same goes for the McCain, Palin and Der Gubernator.

We have a chance to win but right now it's slim. Labor is making a big impact. SEIU donated $200,000.00 and the teachers 'almost union', CTA, donated $1,000,000.00. But I still hear from every one that there is no concerted campaign to take the fight into the 'minority' communities, which is a big mistake. In California ‘minorities’ constitute the majority. That strategic error combined with the unswerving bigotry of the major parties candidates, who give the green light to bigots to vote their bigotry, make our prospects look very iffy at this point.

A loss in California, Arizona or Florida will be a big blow to our communities and produce because great demoralization and increase self-destructive behavior, which is the intent of the vermin who wrote Prop. 8.