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Mayor Naugle of Fort Lauderdale Spews More Anti-Gay Hate

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Sigh... Isn't he out of office yet?

627082407naugle_embedded_prod_affil.jpgRaging bigot Mayor Jim Naugle of Fort Lauderdale has once again used his office to unleash an attack on the LGBT community. In a press conference yesterday, Naugle came out in support of Florida's dangerous Amendment 2. Of course Naugle claims this has nothing to do with his now famous hatred for the gay community, saying:

It's about defending the institution of marriage, which should be defined as between one man and one woman.

Right. Just like his continued anti-gay attacks- which led to a spike in hate crimes in Fort Lauderdale- had nothing to do with the LGBT community. It seems Naugle just can't miss an opportunity to inflame the atmosphere of hate against our community.

naugleandmilitary2-1.jpgNaugle- a fake Democrat who has campaigned for George Bush and endorsed Mike Huckabee for President- once again held a press conference surrounded by "religious" leaders and folks clutching their bibles. The only thing missing from his usual routine were the scary men in army fatigues threatening to take the war against gays "into the streets."

And I guess Naugle is extending his hatred beyond just the gay community. By supporting Amendment 2, he's attacking every unmarried couple in Florida- including seniors who depend on domestic partnerships to protect their pensions and benefits. But once again Naugle, and leaders like him, have shown they are willing to sacrifice anyone in their quest to legislate their "morality" on all of us. As long as they can take a swipe at the rights of LGBT people, they are perfectly content.

Thank goodness this man only has a few months left in office (term limits are a beautiful thing). And there are a huge number of openly gay politicians and allies of our community running for his position and for city commission in Fort Lauderdale.

I say- don't let the door hit you on the way out, Naugle. It's high time to get bigots like you out of office.

To help defeat Amendment 2, visit www.SayNo2.com.

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When does this asswipe go away? The day after he leaves we need to have a fabulous LGBT "bye-bye Naugle" party in Fort Lauderdale.


I agree!! Let's plan a big "Get Out and Stay Out" Party in March when he leaves office!

It infuriates me that he is still the Mayor of Ft Lauderdale. Even worse are his claims to be a democrat! What a jack-ass.

I like it! We can celebrate Anthony's win and Naugle's departure.


I love the way you think, Dianne! :)

Thanks, Waymon. Anthony in, Naugle out (NO....not the closets). A win-win situation.


This is sickening. Why does it seem like this guy is just out for the people of this community?
Probably because it's true....
People like this (those that want to cut down other people) shouldn't be allowed in office.
Makes me angry...!

I couldn't agree more, CH. Naugle is the worst example of what a politician can be.

Correction Waymon - What an Elephant!

I stand corrected, JD- What a steaming, heaping pile of elephant.


If Mayor Naugle is married, then his wife should get wise and leave him. Judging from the photo accompanying this story, his nasty policies have taken their toll upon his face, thereby turning him into a pinch-faced ogre. If the Mayor has any sense left within him, he should just quietly step down from his pulpit, leave politics, and rehabilitate himself before he takes snyone else with him.

If the Mayor has any sense left within him

Well, I guess we all know the answer to that... :)