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McCain Campaign compares Obama to Hitler

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That's what a poster that greeted visitors to the John McCain campaign office in Pompano Beach, Florida had to say. The sign was headlined "Barrack Hussein Obama" and compared Obama to Karl Marx, Adolf Hitler, Mussolini, and Fidel Castro. The poster questioned Obama's call for change:


Who else called for change in this fashion? Each and every one called upon youth movements.

Karl Marx. Joseph Stalin. Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini. Fidel Castro.

And you want Obama for President? Are you nuts!

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Jeffrey Sanders, a registered Republican, raised concerns about the poster when he stopped by the office to pick up tickets for a McCain rally at Florida International University:

To label someone as the next Hitler is beyond outrageous [and] offensive. And it needs to be addressed. And if Barack Obama does the same thing to McCain I would expect the same reaction. That was not American.

When confronted by about the sign by a Sun-Sentinel reporter, Broward Republican Chairman Chip LaMarca said he was "disgusted" by it and would immediately go to the office and remove it.

I'm speechless at the ignorance. It's not something we can condone.

We're trying to promote positive messages for our candidates. I understand people want their candidate to win. It's ridiculous. I'll find out who put it up there, and maybe they'll volunteer somewhere else.

Let me see if I have this straight.

A McCain Campaign office has a poster comparing Obama to horrendous figures like Hitler and Mussolini - and also mocks youth voters - in plain view for who knows how long, yet the Chairman is surprised and "speechless"? And his solution is to move the person behind it to another office to keep working for the campaign?

Way to tamp down the crazy rhetoric...

I wonder if this has any connection to the "Vote Republican or the Terrorists Win" flier that has been going out to Florida voters. Maybe they'll just move the person behind that bit of fear mongering "somewhere else" as well.

Wait- that was Charlie Crist behind that flier...

Looks like there is a lot of shuffling around to do in the Republican Party.

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Scott Kaiser Scott Kaiser | October 17, 2008 1:31 PM

And yet McCain tried to play victim during the debate. He has no shame and no honor.

I agree, Scott. We are getting pummeled in Florida with some of the most disturbing calls, mailers, and campaign tactics from the McCain Campaign. They truly have no shame.

Michael Crawford Michael Crawford | October 17, 2008 1:47 PM

McCain needs to come out and repudiate this sign. But, I don't expect that he will. As he said during the last debate, he is proud of his supporters.

This shows why the Republican Party is losing the support of everyone except its rabidly racist, sexist and homophobic base.

Ouch, I have to say that as a bisexual republican that hurts. But I believe that the main problem with the republican party is that we're so divided and blinded by what Bush 'apparently' did to where the party is blacklisted. The RNC sends out ads as well without a candidates permission, same with the DNC as well as other organizations such as the National Rifle Committee so I wouldn't hold this as a McCain attack tactic done by him. I've never seen this ad until now on this page alone.