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More Lies from Florida's Amendment 2 Supporters

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I already posted about the copycat, photoshop ads from Yes2Marriage, the group behind Florida's deceptive Amendment 2, but it looks like the lies just keep on coming out of the great "moral majority." Not surprising since the entire premise of their campaign is built on a lie...

The Orlando Sentinel is reporting a major case of spin... wait, let's call it what it is- a complete LIE- coming from the publicist of Yes2Marriage. The supporters of the Amendment held a "God's Design for Marriage" rally and concert (ugh) in Orlando. The publicist, Leslie Steele, pumped out a press release entitled, "THOUSANDS OF BLACK AND WHITE VOTERS GATHER IN ORLANDO FOR CONCERT AND RALLY FOR "GOD'S DESIGN"IN SUPPORT OF AMENDMENT 2, THE FLORIDA MARRIAGE PROTECTION ACT."

The problem with that claim? It's a complete lie. The Sentinel's photographer assigned to cover the event estimated of a couple hundred attendees, at most.

The full bogus press release from Yes2Marriage and more after the jump...

We all know the entire Amendment 2 Campaign is built on a sham. They continue to lie about the far-reaching impact that the vague language of Amendment 2 will have. Well, it seems they can't even tell the truth about the number of people that attend their events.

Here's their crazy, lie-filled press release:

(850) 510-0442

ORLANDO- -Thousands of Floridians from across Central Florida attended a high energy concert and rally for God's Design for Marriage in support of Amendment 2, the Florida Marriage Protection Amendment this evening at the First Baptist Church of Orlando. Amendment 2 would define marriage as the union of one man and one woman in the Florida State Constitution as 27 other states have already done.

Hosted by the Florida Family Policy Council and the High Impact Leadership Coalition, the concert featured Grammy Nominee and Stellar Award recipient Helen Baylor, Orlando Christian Band Generation Letter, Christian music artists Ron Kenoly and Vicki Yohe.

"There is a national agenda by the homosexual lobby to breakdown and redefine the family," said Bishop Harry Jackson, a national pro-family leader and found and chairman of the High Impact Leadership Coalition. "If we do not protect marriage now, then, their agenda will advance and we will face a threat to our religious freedom to preach the full truth of God's word on issues like this."

During the concert, dynamic videos were shown interspersed along with speeches from state and national speakers including: Jackson, President of the Florida Family Policy Council John Stemberger, , President of the Family Research Council Tony Perkins, First Baptist Church of Central Florida Pastor Clayton Cloer, Founder of the Potter's House Church Bishop Vaughn McLaughlin, President and Founder of Teen Mania Ministries Ron Luce and the Founder of Fellowship of International Churches Bishop Wellington Boone.

Stemberger who is also the chairman of the Yes2Marriage campaign, has received support from voters around the state who believe that marriage is, has always been and should remain the union of one man and one woman as husband and wife.

"This is not a Black- White issue or a Democrat - Republican issue. It is not even a liberal - conservative issue. This is a human issue and a moral issue and one which every demographic in Florida resonates with," Stemberger said.

Wow. So not only do you lie about what your amendment will do and lie about the ads you stole from another campaign to use for yours, but you have to lie and fake support?

Or maybe they just can't count.

Either way, it's clear that telling the truth is beyond their campaign. Let's hope voters see the lies and vote NO on this deceptive Amendment and campaign.

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Ugh. Seriously, if they weren't so awful, these Amendment 2 supporters would just be too ridiculous to take seriously! I don't even want to imagine what the "dynamic videos" at that event must have been like. Wonder if they used fake folks from Arizona for those, too?

Probably, Elliot. Can you imagine those recycled "dynamic" videos?? Ugh indeed...

Jesus would be even more upset that they have been breaking the law in their campaign...

Not very "moral", now is it?