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More Proposition 8 ads from California

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Ellen Degeneres has announced that she's spending $100K of her own money to put this ad on the air:

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Prop 8 ads from the No on Prop 8 campaign are all here. Their newest ads are after the jump, along with the Chinese language Yes ad.

Here's the latest from the No campaign:

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And another from the No campaign (I don't know if this one is actually on the air in California):

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Here are three web videos based on those old Mac ads:

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And, on the flipside, here's a Chinese language ad in support of the proposition.

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And here's a disturbing video: two kids sing promote Prop 8 to the tune of Barney's "I love you" (via JMG):

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I am truly disgusted with the ad showing the children singing to the Barney theme. This is nothing but child abuse because it is teaching children to hate. Imagine if this young girl or boy grows up and happens to fall in love with someone of the same sex. How are are they going to feel knowing that they were used to advertise something that seeks to end their very right to equality? This is wrong on so many levels.

Why oh why oh why can't our side ever get its act together around race? I haven't even seen a person of color in an on-the-air ad from the official No on 8 campaign, let alone any non-english ads. Meanwhile the opposition is really doing well on that front.

Tobi-Hill Meyer
I agree. The NAACP in California wrote an amicus brief that supported gender neutral marriage in the State of California. The brief helped win and influence the decision. If there is a "browning of America" and equality for all, let's recognize the importance of it.

They're gonna rally the Hispanic vote so easily, such a pity.

I can't stand it.

On a conference call a couple of weeks ago with the No campaign I asked what their strategy was for African American and latino communities, and they said they had some letters from clergy members in each of those communities and a "strategy."

Well, it's looking more and more like the strategy was just having those letters. And that isn't enough.

On another note, I think Ellen's ad is actually pretty good. The third ad here, the one with just views of a house, is pretty weird.

Oh, I really liked the view of the house ad. It is clear by looking at the family photographs that are proudly displayed throughout that this is the home of a male/male couple who have a child. You can see that this is a home like any other home; they have everything you might find in the home of a traditional married couple.

My only problem with it was how it ended. The lone 'I love you' was a bit abrupt. They could have further illustrated the 'sameness' of homosexual couples by having the spouse that was leaving for work actually kiss his partner good-bye and then have the other say 'Have a good day, I love you.' (or something equally syrupy).

But I really did like how this shows that we are basically the same when it comes down to our families.

Sheesh. Talk about indoctrinating kids. "Mommy, guess what I learned from church today?"

It's also interesting how overtly religious the Chinese language presenter is. At one point he starts to say, "One man and one woman is what the Bible... is what conforms to traditional views on marriage." Apparently he's with a Christian group known as Family Keepers.

I love the ones based on the MAC/PC adds! The one with the singing children is annoying!! I think that one might make people turn off the TV or mute it.

Brynn Craffey Brynn Craffey | October 18, 2008 3:15 PM

WHY or why is the "No on 8" campaign not airing the MAC ads on TV?! Rather than on the Web where they're not going to reach undecided voters?

I find the ad showing the upscale home and the photos to be off-putting. And I'm an avid supporter!

In my opinion, the No campaign has been WAY too conservative, afraid of alienating white, middle-class, straight voters, and in the process they've gone from a double-digit lead in the polls to dead even or worse.

Ellen is spending $100k on TV ads and gave another $100k to No On 8. Only about $800k more to go before she'll have spent enough to pay for the extra publicity her wedding got her show.

Ian McKellen, where are you? Rosie O'Donnell? Jodi Foster? Anderson Cooper? Anyone? Anyone?!

Let's not forget Dianne Feinstein, Barak Obama, Arnie and Maria...all of our big mouth supporters that don't do any actual campaigning against prop 8 and they sure as hell have plenty of money to spend.

Those people owe us - not to mention the Democratic Party itself.

Cough it up or you can forget my vote in two weeks.

Its really that simple.

Karen Collett | October 20, 2008 9:03 AM

Here is a new No on Prop 8 ad from South Pasadena:

(h/t Virginia Postrel at