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New No FL Amendment 2 Ad: Intrusive Government? They're back!

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The SayNo2 Campaign has released another television ad telling voters why they must vote NO on Florida's dangerous Amendment 2. The ad, called "They're back", shows voters how the same groups that were behind the massive and unwarranted intrusion of government and politics into the private family choice of the Schiavo family are back pushing Amendment 2.

Here's the ad:

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This latest ad joins a slew of other hard-hitting ads that point out the dangers of Amendment 2 to all Floridians. These dangers are even more stark after yesterday's revelation of illegal campaign activites from the backers of Amendment 2.

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The SayNo2 campaign has already launched a multimillion dollar ad campaign across the state to educate voters about Amendment 2.

They released this ad showing the overwhelming opposition to Amendment 2 from important groups around the state:

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Then they released this viral online ad to tell people their one vote can be stronger than Amendment 2, called "Do the Rights Thing":

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They also are airing the moving commercial called "Our Story", which tells the story of two seniors in a domestic partnership who could lose their benefits and rights if Amendment 2 passes:

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The best the supporters of Amendment 2 could do is photoshop an ad from the Arizona amendment fight and pass it off as their own. Combine that with the lies from their campaign over the amount of supporters they have turning out to events- as well as the massive illegalities of avoiding disclosing donations, incorrectly informing voters of the source of advertising funding, and filing false or inaccurate campaign reports- and you can see they are getting desperate... and more dishonest with every passing day.

To help defeat Amendment 2, visit www.SayNo2.com.


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