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Oil fell to under 90 bucks a barrel today... gas will be cheaper.

Of course, you may not have a job to drive to but I'm trying to be positive. Yesterday's market crash- almost a free fall in the middle of the day- is a reality check. We're in a deep recession, contrary to what Mr. Gramm said it being in our heads.

And on the brink of a depression.

I don't know about any of you, but my mother used to tell stories of the Great Depression all the time. She, a woman of considerable wealth in her old age, would fold paper towels used but not ruined, in half and place them on the top of the roll.

Waste not, want not.

Meanwhile, in California, the proposition to make marriage between one man and one woman gains considerable strength. They are currently ahead in the polls and have out raised the good guys- that would be the marriage equality folks- 22 million dollars to 15 million dollars.

It makes me frustrated. What can I do?

I can beg all of you to donate whatever you can. Time, energy- if you are in MA, get in touch with me. There is a place to do phone banking and I can hook you up. If you are not, give.

I mean, hey, gas is getting cheaper.

Seriously, there is no win in this. Giving at a time you should be saving is against every fiber of my own good sense, let alone yours.

But give, we must.

I can say, without hesitation, if you give, give to The Equality California group. They are the group with the most organization, the most people on the ground, and doing the most collaboration between other groups.

My mother also loved a dollar well spent. This is it.

If you can only give 10 bucks? Do. It's what those right wing freaks are getting at church every Sunday as they pass the collection baskets- a clear violation of non-profit rules. They know and they simply don't care. It's that big to them.

So many people will give to Obama. I applaud that. But so few will give to LGBT rights. If you read this blog, you have read about my family. My kids.

Give for them.


If we lose? Let's at least know we did all we could. All we can.

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"So many people will give to Obama. I applaud that. But so few will give to LGBT rights."
That's because too many LGBT people have bought into the Obama the Messiah myth. He's not going to save us; we can only save ourselves. By all means, vote for Obama (since there is no other sane choice this election), but don't put all your hopes on him. If he gets elected, hold him to his promises and punish him if he betrays us, which is quite likely considering his display of loyalty to friends and allies so far.

My Mom grew up during the Great Depression and does the same thing with paper towels. I also learned to eat damned near anything as long as there's salt and pepper.

I'm glad I learned what I did. Apparently I'm going to need it.

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | October 8, 2008 2:13 AM

Did you ever eat "must go" stew?

robert! I'm too young for the depression! my mother told me about going to a friend's house and being served squirrel stew and when she found out it was squirrel? barfed all over the table.

not very polite.

she said that it scared her as much as it tasted disgusting.

but her father was a penny candy salesman and while he traveled non stop, going store to store, he did fine. they had a garden in their backyard. her mother grew vegetables.

this was in west virginia, mind you.

the depression had an effect, though, on everyones thinking whether they were eating squirrels or not.

but I agree, Obama will not be the savior. a friendly face, sure but not that friendly.

no gay marriage means I don't believe in full equality. sorry. I can't hear it any other way.