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Open Thread: Must See TV?

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With all the talk of campaigns and politics ("I can see Russia from my house!"), we have glossed over one very important thing happening right now: Fall Television Premieres!

poltergeist-theyre-here.jpgMy DVR is full of new shows and old favorites that I'm dying to see. From fanboy stuff like "Heroes" to creepy shows like "TrueBlood" and "Dexter" to reality TV, there is a lot to talk about! I love these open threads because I always get good suggestions about shows I may not be watching or things that I have in common with other readers.

So let us know, Projectors! What shows are you are excited about or loving right now? Some of my picks after the jump!

I am so excited for the return of "Pushing Daisies"!! I love the quirky stories and vivid style of it. And lord knows I love me some Kristin Chenoweth- and she sings all the time in the show!

And of course- "Ugly Betty" is back and gayer than ever. I love the show completely!

A show that is my complete guilty pleasure is "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia"- a hilarious and over the top show about four friends who run a bar and get in to all kinds of crazy messes. The cast is amazing and the scripting is largely improv, so you can't help but laugh out loud at it. Be warned- it is VERY un-PC.

"Dexter" is another show that gets better and better as it goes on. I think Showtime might have the lock on great TV right now. The only thing that might give it a run for its money on HBO is "TrueBlood"- the vampire show from the creator of "Six Feet Under." It's ghoulish fun!

As for reality shows- the Amazing Race is BACK!! Don't be surprised if you see me on that show one day. Fair warning- I'm starting my conditioning now.

So what's on your must see TV list, gang?

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I just got all caught up on heroes.. I love that show. It looks like it is going to be so much better than last season. Now I just have to remember to pay attention to the plot and stop drifting away to have my dirty thoughts about certain actors who will remain nameless..LOL..There is something so cozy about turning into a couch potato in the fall. Yeah homemade stews, warm sweaters and good TV.

The Heroes website for NBC is super cool as well, if you haven't checked it out. They have mini web exclusive episodes, graphic novels, and other cool Heroes stuff. :)

And I like the Villians this season! Very cool.

Survivor and Boston Legal. This is BL's last season! Argh!

I never got in to Boston Legal for some reason (actually, my hubby hates those shows since he is a lawyer- he always picks them apart as "unrealistic"- LOL).

As for Survivor, it's another one I haven't watched too much (although after your post about the bro-mance and nudity, I might have to).

I don't do cable so i live in the past via dvd.

I am almost finished with season 3 of Battlestar Galactica

Willow just met Tara... (i'll probably stop watching at the musical episode, like i should have when they first aired)

I am re-enjoying The Prisoner, almost finished. Trying to convince myself i don't know how it ends.

I can't wait for Season 2 of the Tudors to be released (historical accuracy be damned, i just like imagining myself between Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Natalie Dormer).

Someone just got me started on Weeds, so far i have thoroughly enjoyed watching consumerism and classism get skewered, though i wish they would develop some of the characters more instead of relying on stereotypes.

And when all my netflix discs are in transit, i watch 30 Rock online.

Oooo! How could I forget Tudors and Weeds! I love both of those!

And I would be Jonathan Rhys Meyers queen any day. :)

Oh, my partner and I have just discovered Weeds, too, and are making our way through Season One via the Netflix online "Watch Instantly" feature. We hook up the s-video cable between my laptop and the TV, and we're good to go. As a suburban mom myself (though thankfully not in quite as cookie-cutter a community as Agrestic), I can relate.

I've also become a total Rachel Maddow junkie. That gets us back into election coverage, of course, but still...Maddow is smart and funny and lesbian. Who's going to argue?

I love Rachel Maddow too (notice today's Quote of the Day). She is quickly becoming one of the best political voices on television.

I wondered when someone would bring up Rachel Maddow. I've been listening to her on Air America for some time now, and she's first-rate on radio and on the tube. It was about time she got her own show.

Of course, the baseball playoffs are on. As long as the Red Sox are alive, I shall be watching. And football, of course, although the Bengals stink, as always.

I don't bother watching regular tv shows - if I like one, it surely will be cancelled. Jericho was the last one I got hooked on, and I did send nuts to CBS when they cancelled it.

I used to be a huge fan of Boston Legal but the sexism that has become a regular part of the show is a real turn off.