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Our Great Strength is in our Unity and Diversity

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"...those are the problems the American people wanted to hear about, not about Mr. Ayers, not about who is a Muslim and who is not a Muslim. Those kinds of images going out on al Jazeera are killing us around the world.

And we have got to say to the world, it doesn't make any difference who you are or what you are, if you're an American you're an American. And this business of, for example a congresswoman from Minnesota going around saying let's examine all congressmen to see who is pro America or not pro America, we have got to stop this kind of non-sense and pull ourselves together and remember that our great strength is in our unity and diversity. That really was driving me."

-- Gen. Colin Powell, on the negative attacks coming out of the McCain Campaign and GOP, during his endorsement of Barack Obama during Meet the Press.

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Bill Perdue Bill Perdue | October 21, 2008 5:33 AM

Believe It Or Not.

Ta Da. Meet the all new 'sanitized' version of Colin Powell, magically morphed form one of the three prime movers behind DADT in a... diversity loving liberal. Is there any crime, any bigotry that a little PR can’t whitewash?

Let’s see. real Colin Powell on diversity;

“who favor a homosexual life-style, and put them in with heterosexuals who would prefer not to have somebody of the same sex find them sexually attractive, put them in close proximity, ask them to share the most private of their facilities together, the bedroom, the barracks, latrines, the showers...”.
He hasn’t apologized for his bigotry, in fact he continues to defend it. Like all the brass, though, now blames DADT on Congress, even though he threatened to resign as Chairman of the JCS in ’93 if military bigotry was eliminated.

Why are Democrats touting the remarks of a war criminal, one of the prime movers behind the bigotry of DADT and an apologist for genocide in Vietnam and Iraq? Is it just for political expediency or is the Democratic party doing an about face and getting us ready for the longer, wider war Obama promises? We’ll know by next spring.

For Powell, his betrayal of his neocon kameraden on the ultra right put’s him back on the gravy train after four years in the wilderness. He'll fit right into an administration with war policies identical to LBJ’s failed invasion and occupation of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos and Bill Clintons embargo of food, medical and sanitary supplies that killed upwards of 500,000 Iraqi children. And it's beginning to look as if Sam Nunn may not be Secretary of War after all. Poor Sam. Ah, my heart bleeds for him.

The all new improved version of Powell sanctimoniously tells us that "And we have got to say to the world, it doesn't make any difference who you are or what you are, if you're an American you're an American" but the real Powell actually means that if you're from Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and now Pakistan you're dead meat.