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Presidential debate thread

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The second presidential debate is on in an hour at 9pm Eastern. Here's the info from the debate site:

Second presidential debate: all topics in town meeting format, moderated by Tom Brokaw
Tuesday, October 7, Belmont University, Nashville, TN

-Two-minute answers, followed by one-minute discussion for each question.

Use this comment thread to discuss the debate while it's happening. Bil and I will be around, and I'll be sure to add to this post if they talk about LGBTQ issues.

Update: Debate's over, my friends. What did you all think?

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Don't start hating on Brokaw. Put a smile on your face, Little Miss Sunshine! *grins*

Hey, still mad about that book about the 60's that excluded gays.

I'm standing by that statement. Brokaw's questions sucked.

First question and Obama goes off the chart on the CNN "Uncommitted Ohio Voters" graph.

I love that thing. I spend more time watching it than I do the damned debate. LOL

Seriously, that kid in the white is all like "Don't touch me, McCain. You're not my friend."

Did McCain really say this was a confidence problem? "Nation of Whiners" all over again.

Did McCain just tout Meg Whitman from Ebay for Treasury Secretary? Didn't E-bay just lay off 1,000 workers yesterday?

And he's blaming this on fannie and freddie. New right-wing meme: it's low-income borrowers who caused this mess.

At least he's on script.

The bit that pisses me off about this, is that Freddie/Fannie are *private* bank-run programs. They *aren't* Federal programs--but McSame/Palindrone are both going on and on about how they're "costing taxpayers money".. o.O!?

My bad. Ebay is cutting 10% of their workforce - more than 1k employees. You'd think more people would be selling their belongings at the online garage sale in this economy.

All economic policy for McCain comes down to earmarks. Yup. Like less than a percent of the federal budget, but that's the cure-all.

All the things he wanted to sacrifice were programs for the poor and middle class!

Did I hear McCain say that he would freeze my disability benefits?

Everything except for military and veterans' affairs.

Doesn't he get 58K/year in military retirement benefits?

Even McCain had to laugh when Obama used the "McCain says politicians haven't done anything for the last 30 years. What he doesn't tell you is he's been there for 26 of them!"

That was funny.

"That one"!?!? He pointed to Obama and said, "That one"? Oh hells no...

How rude is that?


And he looks so awkward and creepy wandering around there. I'm waiting for him to open his pants and expose himself.

LMAO. He does look like the type at times, doesn't he?

Michael Crawford Michael Crawford | October 7, 2008 9:59 PM

I am so hoping that thought does not come to be. I don't think my eyes could handle it.

Meh. Look at this, my friends. Isn't it big, my friends?

Michael Crawford Michael Crawford | October 7, 2008 10:05 PM

That may excited the boys from LCR, but the thought makes me want to jab my eyes out.

I'm so glad you stopped by, Michael. I never thought of it that way!

And McCain was kinda a looker back in the day. But he's out of even my age range.

Why? He's not a mummy, Alex...


He winked! He winked at me!


I walk around quietly and carry a big stick, my friends. Do you want to see my big stick, my friends?

That was a nasty image. Oh... gods... where is my do it yourself lobotomy kit? gotta make it stop ..hurting...burns my minds eye

Should've just called him "boy" and been done.


Michael Crawford Michael Crawford | October 7, 2008 9:53 PM

How could anyone stand to look at the bitterness known as McCain for four years? Seriously, does McCain do anything but look like he is about to explode?

Someone should tell him that we don't care about the size of the fine on corporations.

Setting himself for a big fall by saying "responsibility"....

And obama went with "right." Thank god someone's sane.

Does McCain ever sit down? He looks like my pit bull standing there all edgy and ready to attack.

This is his best format?

Michael Crawford Michael Crawford | October 7, 2008 10:07 PM

Yeah, but he is the pitbull not wearing the lipstick.

Michael Crawford Michael Crawford | October 7, 2008 10:08 PM

The angriest member of the Senate is not talking about "tempering decisions" is he?

"Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran."

How in the hell is the Taliban "domestic policy"?

and obama got it. Baaaaaa-ZING!

McCain has not only been to Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Wajerkistan, he's also been to Weinerschnitzle where everyone walks around talking softly and playing with their big stick.

*rolls eyes*

Maybe soon he'll take us all to Candy Mountain with him. You know if he goes alone and comes back, he'd be the type of old man to bring us back Werther's Originals.

Michael Crawford Michael Crawford | October 7, 2008 10:16 PM

McCain: "I'm not going to telegraph my punches."

He will, however, announced to the media that he is going to take his already nasty campaign further into the political gutter of slime, smears and outright lies.

But he promises not to run campaign ads in Pakistan.

McCain still can't figure out how to get online, so he has to use phrases like "telegraph." After all, hew as around when it was invented!

What's up with all the bald guys? Is that how you can spot an independent voter?

That's what i was thinking - they put them all together..... *spurts out imaginary water i'm not drinking* did mccain just say "second holocaust"?

Miss Laura's take on the holocaust reference:

Q: How far will you go fear-mongering about Iran nuking Israel? [Ok, that's me paraphrasing.]

McCain: I'll go pretty far. Surprised? Hey, why not a Holocaust reference? That scary enough for you?

Obama: I acknowledge your desire for fear-mongering, and let me make clear I'm no wuss. But diplomacy and sanctions are also things that exist.

Michael Crawford Michael Crawford | October 7, 2008 10:24 PM

I wonder how many seconds after the debate ends will it be before McCain releases his next negative attack ad.

Michael Crawford Michael Crawford | October 7, 2008 10:33 PM

What doesn't McCain know? We could create a whole need site to catalog that.

When to quit?
How to look a black man in the eyes?
How to get online?
Whether or not Spain is our ally?

Anyone else want some of the action? LOL

Michael Crawford Michael Crawford | October 7, 2008 10:41 PM

That's funny. Too bad McCain won't see your comment unless his wife fires up the computer for him.

How about how to pick a running mate? That would have been a great end to the debate: dump Sarah and nominate a serious candidate.

Is that McCain attack ad out yet? The debate's been finished for 5 minutes now.

On CNN both of the Republican talking heads gave the debate to Obama. Bill Bennett and Castellanos both just said Obama won the debate. Amazing.

They're judging this debate on style, not substance, too. On substance (i.e., who's ideas, presented in this debate, would work better?) there wouldn't be much of a competition.

Still, interesting. This was supposed to be McCain's format.

A moment's silence, please, for the LCR's who are writing on the floor tonight after watching their great homophobic hope fall hard and realising that they sold us all out for nothing....and realising further that Obama is going to raise their taxes...

should be "Writhing on the floor(in agony)"

Sadly, Maura, they'll just find other excuses for him, just like they've been doing all along, ever since they were founded.

What really did it for me is when McCain decided to call Obama "that one". He might as well have called Barack boy in front of the world. It was demeaning and an exercise in white privilege.

Obama won it hands down. For those of you who might have seen the documentary film "Senator Obama Goes to Africa," made during his diplomatic visit to Africa a couple of years ago, he was closer to being that Obama last night than at any other time I've seen him on TV during the campaign. He was more Presidential than McCain, as well as warm, down to earth, and connected to people. He stayed more focused on the human issues, and his answers were more detailed and to the point than McCain's.

McCain came across as a snarky old man, and his attacks on Obama did not please the uncommitted voters -- their lines went to "flat line" whenever he did that.

Afterwards I couldn't take any more of the media's micro-analysis. They just chew over and over on the same limited area of subjects, all the while ignoring issues like Palin's religious affiliations.

McCain's campaign will now be even more desperate than before, so we will probably be seeing Palin throw a couple of major stink bombs at Obama in the next few days.

I doubt this debate changed anyone's mind, but i was impressed with how Obama carried himself throughout. This is the point in a campaign when the candidates get tired and frazzled and say and do crazy things, but Obama seems to be in charge of himself and at ease. He inspires confidence.
And Brokaw? A frumpy church-lady.

Brokaw was the guardian of the Washington cognoscenti there. Seriously, "entitlements"? That's not the central feature of economic problems right now, and no one calls them entitlements anymore. He even got annoyed when McCain tried to split them up and talk about social security and medicare separately. I was like, jeez, even McCain knows that they're two different programs with different problems and in different states right now. Get over yourself, Brokaw. It's 2008, not 1992.

Plus he picked out pretty much the same things we've heard discussed over and over again. There were better questions out there and he chose not to ask them or have them asked.

I don't think McCain did all that horribly tonight, or any worse than expected. But I had hoped for more from Brokaw.

This was left on another post on accident and should have been left here instead. I've moved it over for the original author.

If you've watched the previous debates, you've noticed the Perception Analyzer at the bottom of the screen. It records the reactions of about 30 "uncommitted" voters - but some say your brain can't devote its full attention to what the debaters are saying and what you're seeing.More..

by proxrte101a

Interesting ... as an aside, how does the "Perception Analyzer" work? Do the uncommitted voters move a little joystick around, like on a Sony PlayStation? Is it kinda like a Ouija board? Do the participants have little tiny infra-red lasers pointed into their eyeballs, measuring the dilation of their pupils (as in Blade Runner)? Do the men have little sensors on their wieners detecting when someone gets a micro-hard-on? Does it involve the Navy surplus anal probes that the SNL prop department dumped onto Ebay a few years ago? Gee ... consider the possibilities! Maybe there should be a TV network with the slogan, "Quit picking your nose, couch potato! Big Brother is watching YOU!"

The debate was a total snoozer. I was making dinner while I was listening. And I almost cut myself a few times because I was nodding off to sleep!