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Protesting Sarah Palin

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I joined Planned Parenthood Friday and went up to Noblesville to protest Sarah Palin. I arrived at a parking lot on East 96th Street to meet and carpool to the rally. Along with Planned Parenthood people were members of various unions. There were about 50 people in all.

Annette.jpgWe drove up to Hamilton Town Center-South Mall and walked up to the road right outside of Verizon. We were not allowed on the property, so we stood on the sidewalk. The cars were coming in our direction, so we walked in a circle, holding signs and chanting. A few of the protesters were interviewed by the local TV channels, and also by the Indy Star. One of the reporters asked me some questions and asked my name.

I took some photos. One of the protesters was a young man named Brandon. He held up a sign that said "You made life worse for gays in Wasilla."

I'm tired, but I'm glad I went. As I told the reporter, one of the reasons I decided to go was to show Indiana, and the nation, that not all residents of Hamilton County support McCain and Palin.

Pictures of Brandon and other protesters after the jump.








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Annette, you are amazing and so inspirational. Kudos to you and all that you do.

Thanks. The opportunity presented itself and I really wanted to go. It's interesting because when she was on Saturday Night Live, I saw her not as a vice-presidential candidate but as a "celebrity." I think people are interested in her more as a celebrity than anything else. Maybe if (when) she loses, she can do commercials or something. I wouldn't be surprised if she got offered her own talk show or something. Well, I'd rather see her do anything than be Vice President (or President).