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ACORN "Voter registration fraud" pushers attack black transwoman

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Here's a report from Fox News-on-paper that's just disgusting, but not for the reasons they think it is:

There really aren't two ways to interpret that report. The NY Post has decided that Santina Gibbs shouldn't be allowed to vote.

Claims of voter registration fraud, heightened now because McCain might actually lose, are an obvious attempt to delegitimize this election. Conservatives' voter fraud claims are completely unfounded, but that doesn't stop them from resonating with a certain group of Americans.

But the fact that these reports are trumping up charges of voter registration fraud into charges of voter fraud isn't even half the story. More important than the fact that they're doing it is why they're doing it.

In this case, they know that McCain is probably going to lose, so they want to be able to hold these fraudulent charges of fraud over Obama for the next four years.

But the Post report betrays how stupid these charges are. The first part discusses how people who aren't home and didn't go to a board meeting shouldn't be allowed to vote, until it falls on Santina Gibbs.

The most the Post could show was that she doesn't have a stable address, not that she's actually committed any sort of fraud. Is that really what our system is about? If you're homeless, you're not allowed to vote?

But they're hoping that no one has any empathy for her. For sure, that's why they picked, from what I'm sure was at least a 10 minute interview, that clip of her flashing the camera. I don't know Ms. Gibbs, I don't know why she did that (other than maybe just being completely tired of smug white cismen questioning her gender), but I know why the Post put her up there: to put a face on voter fraud.

And that face is homeless, transgender, and black.

No, they're not going so far as to say that all voter fraud is being committed by people who are trans or black. But what the message they're sending to their base, loud and clear, is that the people whom ACORN is registering don't deserve to vote anyway. (Any surprise that the right is attacking an organization that works to register the impoverished?)

And the question they're asking the angry Republican base is: do you like the fact that your vote has the same weight as Santina Gibbs's? Is that the America you want to live in?

So, sure, they're doing what they can to say that it's really about her paperwork, but the fact that they picked her as the face of voter registration fraud instead of Joe the Plumber, who also has voter registration paperwork issues.

But the message that the right is trying to send is that Joe the Plumber deserves to vote and Santina Gibbs does not, mainly because blacks and transwomen are less than full human beings.

Just sayin', as we hear from the right for the next four years that Obama and ACORN stole the election, we need to remember what they really mean.

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Too bad the press has refused to address every national election from 2000 on being basically stolen by election fraud via rigged electronic voting machines by the right. The smoking guns were out in plain sight........nope, we get these same enemies of the democracy now claiming registration fraud because.....well let's be honest, registration drives mostly help the Dems by bring out those disenfrancised routinely.

I have to agree with Catheryn on this. Florida and Ohio had fraudulent results that we saw openly and yet, no one wanted to address them. Kerry and Gore whimped out on fighting these issues and we got "W" for their lack of effort. The country is screwed up because of the Republican fraud tactics.

One of the issues I'm concerned about is Republican poll watchers issuing challenges to transgender people who show up to vote because ID in some cases doesn't match their physical presentation.

Absolutely. They're looking for any means to disenfranchise anyone, and there's no reason to believe that they wouldn't go there.

The NY Post is full of it. The issue of homeless people and residence re voting was decided way back in 1992 by a court decision. They cannot be denied the right to vote just because they don't live in a "traditional residence." According to the National Coalition for the Homeless, they can give the address of a shelter, or a park, or even a street corner.

Lots of info at the National Coalition's website

I hope that Ms. Gibbs can get some good legal representation, and get a class action going, because a lot of other homeless people are going to be kept away from the polls -- maybe even jailed for what is alleged to be their "fraud."

Thanks for that information. Homeless people definitely have a right to vote, even if smug faux journalists don't think they do.

Firstly with regards to the ACORN smear campaign in general, as I understand it, ACORN is legally obligated to turn in every voter registration form they receive, even those that some smart-alecky kid wrote "Mickey Mouse" on. They also flag them, as "confirmed" (with identification), "unconfirmed" and "suspicious."

But what the message they're sending to their base, loud and clear, is that the people whom ACORN are registering don't deserve to vote anyway.

That is exactly what is going on. It's open season on any non-white middle and upper class segment of society, and any chance they can get to impugn the poor's right to vote, they'll take it.

Transgender aside, I don't think the left has any idea how far the right has made inroads into the voting process. We may have learned how to use the internet to our advantage, but they learned how to rig national elections.

As someone who has first hand experience with how far the GOP will go to keep non-white, poor and people who disagree with their agenda from voting,

I'm definitely concerned about the GOP voter suppression game plan for this election cycle.

[email protected] me with a pogo stick.

I have seen a little too much lately, and will not be voting. My ID is a shambles, and I can't prove I am who I am.

And yes, being Latina and trans is why I am not going to the polls.

Call me a coward, but for some of us, discretion is the better part of valor.

Not today. Not this year. Not this lifetime. Except for some of us, its every minute of every day.